4:11 PM, Tuesday, March 12th, 2024:
This really should've been done yesterday, but I'm waiting on some video files from the school so just to keep things moving, I'm breaking up this "day" into two entries while I await those files. And, well, honestly it's certainly feels like two separate parts when you break it all down...
Man I hate posting anything involving anyone else's child that will then make the OTHER children feel bad that they were left out. There's just no way to properly capture every play with this rig and the problem is even worse in the next video with all the talent show acts. You'd honestly need multiple cameras and terabytes among terabytes of space on memory cards - and I'm already rocking 5 TB! So you get these snippets that obviously favor MY kids, because, well, duh. Obviously I wouldn't be documenting our day if it wasn't... our day. Man I'm neurotic about this, but I guarantee you there will be people UBER pissed if they ever see this in a headset and then realize they DON'T see their kid's act in this breathtaking new format.
I'm so sorry. I wish there was a solution. But onto the point of these entries...
So yeah, we're in the thick of it now. I mentioned "The Sporting Years" awhile back and pretty much from now until the end of highschool (Vienna '31, Cam '32) this is how our weekends will be. It feels exhausting in the moment but I do actually find myself embracing the chaos. The "lived-in" house and the mad dash to get kids from place to place on time... the effort to get the good seats... the utter JOY at seeing your kids enjoying themselves? GOODNESS. It's an absolute honor and I cannot shake the feeling that fairly soon, Talya and I will miss it. Vienna graduates in 7 years. 7 years ago was 2017... you know, when I was doing Fastest Delorean?

Yeah time fucking FLIES. So while I may be up to my ears in trying to capture all of it, I think these VR180 videos may be the most precious things I possess. In this video in particular: watching kids this young trying to improve each week is just... it's joyous. The little boy who scores his first basket? MY GOODNESS is that a core memory for that kid. I hope I can get the video to his family somehow. Come on VR headsets, keep on pushin'...
Alright... talent show portion of this day up next!