12:27 PM, Tuesday, March 5th, 2024:
Well, what else is there to do during a lull but try and entertain some folks with a VR180 headset, right? Future meetings are now completely out of my hands and I've got two weeks until the real estate conference, so...
...about that halftime show in October... it was FUCKING CRAZY and I don't believe there's a legal reason I can't share this as it has nothing to do with the NFL - but my goodness is it a remarkable feeling to stand at the 50 yard line watching a wrestling match ringside. If you have a headset... take it in for a bit but then pause the video. And look up, and look around. Every STILL of these videos is an experience. And the sound! Good LORD the sound... what an absolute joy to be able to share this with everyone. As I say in the video: THAT is why I'm so invested in this. I feel like I'm giving people front-row seats that they may NEVER get to have. As a storyteller to be able to transport you to these moments like this? It's an addiction I'll never break.
Actually, let me sit back and just take this in as a fan...
See, that's the thing - I didn't get to do that live: enjoy the sights and sounds. In the moment it's "Get the shot, get the shot, don't fuck up the shot." Repeat x1000. And with VR180 on a gimbal? Oh goodness can you do that. I kind of did when the Rams Wrestler came in and I moved to get him. Shouldn't have done that... but yeah - it's really difficult. And my goodness that sound. You're there. Man, you're there.
Alright, hopefully people enjoy this. I don't think you have to be a wrestling fan to be interested in this... though I know that's decidedly why so many people WON'T click this. And to be fair, who will even see a thumbnail to click, ya know? I'm buried on every platform. Quality just doesn't matter: tits do.