3:38 PM, Thursday, February 22nd, 2024:
Well this is a fun thing to announce.
So my contact at Passco, a commercial real estate agency, has kept in touch since we did an event with them in 2015 with RentTheDelorean.com. I shot some drone footage for them in 2017, did an event with them last year and contacted her pretty early on about VR180. I just knew it had a place in that world, just wasn't quite sure how yet...
...then came the success of the pitch meetings involving my reel. I've never seen so many yesses come so quickly. From the Columbus Clippers just handing me a literal WEEK's worth of media passes to obviously the NFL test and then the greenlighting of the Super Bowl? Whew. I mean... sure, my editing skills are good... but beyond that? The format if harnessed correctly is an emotional POWER house. You, are, virtually, PRESENT at these events. At these moments. It's gasp-worthy. Like, fundamentally gasp-worthy.
So I contacted her again and we started brainstorming. She calls me up a couple days later and says "You're speaking to a bunch of Real Estate investors at our UCI conference on March 21st."
Fuck yeah I am. Dude what a crazy opportunity this is. Like... I get to stand onstage and pitch the future of how everyone sells high end properties. Quick overview:
Selling a house or even some retail properties can get away with pictures or even the walk-through tours you can see on your computer. The higher end properties? A video production crew comes in with drone shots and filmmaking techniques that really, really make that property shine. As you go further up that ladder however - they're all doing this. The videos start to run together. There's a level of polish and after a decade or so over the drone flyovers and cinematic gimbal movements... nothing stands out. I think you can see where I'm going...
...with this? Now people can actually be present in the property. It no longer feels like video magic making a so-so property look incredible... it now feels like you were able to visit the property without ever leaving your house. I'm tellin' ya... when these cameras get more and more affordable? This will be how you share properties. I can do it today... and it will upend the market. Guaranteed.
My contact Stacy (Passco's VP of Corporate Marketing) asked if I could put together an intro video for their emailing list introducing who I am to everyone. I giggled. It's the video equivalent of a resume which whenever I have to do that? I have to start from ground zero and cherry pick moments to make it LOOK like I was born to do ONLY THIS. Whew. But I found a through line I never really thought of before: a futurist. Duh. I am CLEARLY moved by doing things other people haven't attempted or accomplished. That's fun to me. I hate repeating shit... I like the feeling of "what's next?" more than ANYTHING. I want to tell the previous version of me what I'm doing now and have them go: "WHAT?!?" just like I have in my journey movies. I LIVE for that shit. So I made the through line "futurist" and here's what I came up with...
RIGHT?!?!?! So obvious!
Vienna was home sick yesterday and we watched "Defending Your Life". Afterwards I instantly jumped up: that's the music for this video. Had the copy written and timed to the music in less than an hour put it all together today. So, freaking, obvious. Passco loved it so much they said "That's your intro video at the conference too". Yup. It works very, very well. BTW - "Defending Your Life" was one of the first seeds planted for The Journey. The story is that when you die you go to a type of purgatory where you have to defend your life to see if you move on or have to redo earth again. You're in a type of court room where they play your life in front of a screen. I remember thinking about how incredible it would be to be able to recall scenes from your life at will. Stuck with me HARD.
And now, I can. This was before the internet... kinda cool.

Anyway - I'm totally stoked for this opportunity. I'm excited to be THAT ADAM again. The guy who can speak in front of large groups of people - the performer... I am that guy. Always been that guy, just don't always get to use it. And of course beyond just how I feel about it? This is a wonderful cog in the Virtual Presence Productions machine. It could set-up the financial foundation for everything. As I said in the podcast last week: "I've got plenty of write-offs... need a couple write-ons now."
...and of course tomorrow is the in-person meeting AT Ballys West in Santa Monica. Good to be moving forward again.