2:45 PM, Wednesday, February 14th, 2024:
In a weird position here because usually doing someone else's video podcast means "Hey! Free Journey video I don't have to edit..." I just download their video or link to it - and I move on. The one today however is a VR180 podcast that's also shot with a Canon R5C in 8k60 and I also recorded myself so I could go back and forth between us. Cool, right?
...except I now have to wait until THEY edit their portion and, well, no one edits like me so it'll easily be a week until they're done - then the processing of what will be a 50-60 gig file... then downloading it... then re-editing. I'll say this: I have no idea when this will be done, but I can't just delay The Journey and post this at that time. I'm returning the Apple Vision Pro tomorrow and thanks to a great meeting yesterday I have an in-person meeting with Ballys next week... so this will be a placeholder and then the video will be connected a couple weeks from now. Let's just assume that has already happened and you can watch it here...
So the biggest reason I am posting this now as opposed to when it's done is because it's ipso-facto my final word on Apple Vision Pro. I really wanted to document my feelings on everything as I'm reboxing it tomorrow and truly - that fact is heartbreaking for me. I cannot believe it. I mentioned it on Mo's show but after that I really did try and give it a chance. I said "OK, it won't be for work - I have it... let's just have FUN with it." And there's just so little that it can do that the Quest 3 can't do... and in so many respects can do it better. That Zuckerberg review (while cringey as fuck) is dead-on. I hate that it's dead-on. I am still in a bit of shock that something I waited for for so long, was so excited about is now just a MASSIVE disappointment.
WELCOME TO 2024, RIGHT?!?!?!?!
But getting a little more video of me using it seems appropriate to document for later... I just - am so done with it. I'm so annoyed with the issues. Fall 2025. That's when I'll most likely jump back into this world with Apple... but I gotta say? Quest 4 or Quest Pro 2 is gonna probably be incredible. Excited about whatever they release this year too (Quest lite?). Still bullish on VR180, just gonna take some time until it's mainstream. Apple Vision Pro may have actually delayed that believe it or not.
Then again, when I made "Living in 2033" a year ago... it's fine that it didn't happen a year later. I still believe we'll be a year or two into the 30s before this really becomes common.
Alright... let's get this damn return over with. What a crazy-ass disappointing start to 2024. Unreal.