6:54 AM, Monday, February 12th, 2024:
So that was fucking brutal. I've certainly found extraordinary ways to break my own heart the past 25 years, no?
This was gonna be an entry about the extra segment with Mo' and, well, that's still gonna be the entry video. In fact... yeah let's just get that out of the way. Waited too long to post it and now yesterday overshadows the good feelings...
I'm sharing this just because they were so nice and clearly excited. I kind of wish I had captured Tawala's take on the video 'cause he was excited as fuck. You can tell from his on-air responses. And what really gets me about this and why I wanted to spotlight it... it's so overwhelming people think I invented the technology. LOL. That's how BAD Meta has been at supporting this format and, well, obviously Apple. It has to be the first format that porn adopted... that what, 8 years later still hasn't gone mainstream?!!? I can't even believe I'm typing that. Porn is over here SWIMMING in cash while everyone else is arguing about 180 vs 360 and now Apple introduces spatial video which is simply 3D in a mixed reality space with the tiniest of parallax movement when you move your head. It isn't even close to the immersion of VR180.

Anyway it seems like it's a matter of time but I'm just stunned that I'm seemingly the only person pushing this to companies and people when EVERY reaction is like this. People just lose their shit. SO a wonderful night and a wonderful moment: thank you Mo'. Now to yesterday...
...I really thought I was cool didn't I. I had honestly gotten myself to a point where I was just excited about the game. Pulling for Nick Wright to be right completely because I just like him. Could have given two fucks about KC before him and now I just find everything about him hilarious and enjoy his takes. Weird how that works.
And then you see the media peeps on the field and it hits all of us. Wasn't long until the pizzas were ordered and the whiskey was poured. There was no, fucking, way on EARTH I could handle that pain in real time without SOME comforts. Pizza was good, whiskey was numbing and I enjoyed the fuck out of that Super Bowl. What a great one it was and the kids were really into it for the first time which was... dude it's all bittersweet. There's just no way to quantify in an entry how devastating this has been for the entire psyche of our family... but it is officially behind us. Kids are off today so it'll probably be another fun day of comfort food, etc... and then of course next week Vienna is off to a science camp - and we'll have Cam as an only child for a couple days?!?! That's crazy. This week also starts several meetings since I've started hitting up contacts and the big one is Ballys the regional sports network which came from JD and would open up NBA, MLB and NHL for access to shoot more VR180. They're in the midst of a bankruptcy deal with Amazon that could actually work in my favor. The goal is clear though: establish Virtual Presence Productions as a legitimate player in this space throughout this year. I've done all I can with the NFL, now to touch as many other leagues and companies as possible and I'm not just limiting this to sports... just so happens that it plays VERY WELL in VR180. Simple as that. Sports, music... and porn. There's the big 3 of VR180 content. The reality is literally everything works - you simply have to know how to produce it.

So anyway - the SUPER BOWL IS OVER. I have a feeling I won't be able to focus past it until the calendar reads March but I'm certainly not resting and waiting. God that hit me yesterday. Every day since January 16th has been me spinning and throwing shit at the wall. I've had some really good meetings since I started a REBOOT of everything on January 29th. All things that were set to happen in August but were delayed for obvious reasons. I really pumped myself up and was positive about the future and doing so well. And then, the broadcast started... and man I didn't see it coming. Goddamn that was one of the more painful moments of my life. Is that crazy to say? It feels like it is considering everything I've been through. I guess it's all relative. Fastest Delorean is the only bad thing to happen to me in like 15 years really... I guess I was just out of practice?
Over now - moving on. VR180 Sterescope podcast tomorrow! Should be fun.