2:55 PM, Friday, February 9th, 2024:
That was wild. So yesterday I posted that I was so annoyed with the Apple Vision Pro I was returning it and 2 hours later Mo' Kelly asks me to be on the show talking about that as well as Virtual Presence Productions and the NFL... in a couple hours.
On it. Creating a very cool VR180 opportunity...
This actually continues into a 2nd hour which I'm gonna post as its own entry because his producer Tawala was so lavish with his praise I just kinda have to document that. LOL.
But this capped off a pretty crazy week that included a lot more people seeing the NFL reel and a meeting with Sam Macaroni who used to be a player in the VR production world in 2016-2017 and is looking to get back into it. More meetings next week and as we approach the Super Bowl weekend, I've done about as much as I possibly can to overcome that... disappointment? That's not the right word. Utter devastation. LOL.
As Mo and his producer proved to me last night: this is undeniable. It just requires beating on more doors and continuing to produce. Produce until the merger goes through in April and then see what happens next.
Whew. What a journey...