6:10 PM, Tuesday, February 6th, 2024:
Jesus is this day really happening? Uhm.... so I guess I get to that a bit later. First setting up the video...
This is JD Carrere, the wildly focused man I spoke about a couple entries back. He made the trek up from Anaheim in, like, the most rain. Well... since the last time it was "the most rain". Let's just say this: you postpone this meeting if you're anyone else in LA. I don't. He doesn't. Anyone else does. Or, well, it feels like that. What you're about to see (or be PRESENT AT if you own a headset) is two guys meeting for the first time with a mutual respect and by the time the video is even uploaded we've already spent the day scheming, writing, making the introductions, booking the meetings. Hell, I had this edited, rendered and uploading, intro letter written, included his notes and he sent out 4 introductions BEFORE NOON. It felt like I was working at Get Shit Done Productions. But I am way ahead of myself here. Watch/listen or be present at the podcast... it's very cool we got the day we met documented like this.
So that actually went on another 10 minutes getting into his experience with Katrina and othe
r stuff so wildly far off topic we didn't know how to end it. Considering this upload was 46 gigs and I have to upload that 3 times? Had to pull the rug at an inflection point. So after this we grabbed some lunch at Salsa and Beer and he told me about the youth program back in New Orleans which is where is heart is for sure. He thinks this format is the future and wants to give those kids a leg up by learning how to film this way now, so when they graduate they're ready to take on the world. So awesome. He's gonna find a way to make a week there happen and my adventures continue...
...of course in the present, we need to get his contacts to see these reels and how it applies to them. That was today and as I mentioned, it has already happened with meetings sent and as well I have my initial 20 contact list being filtered down to their OWN meetings... I'm honestly going to have to stop contacting new people now because there's so much going on.
Of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this whole process is the anti-August. Shit, what Randy and Brian did for me in July was the anti-August. Oh and THAT. Fuck. I've kept that out of the journey because it's not really settled and I have too much inside info, but suffice to say: CD92.9 is no more and I was almost in Columbus filming everything this week. AHHH - off topic. Suffice to say, it's pretty easy to see who friends are and I keep trying to compare people to one event, but the truth is? That event is what stands out. If you strip away the emotion and just state the facts in a timeline? EVERYONE falls over at what happened in August. Everyone. JD isn't being EXCEPTIONAL because he's being respectful... he's being respectful. The reverse is the exception. No, what JD does that IS exceptional is GETS SHIT DONE. He doesn't waste time, he doesn't make excuses, he just does it. He just proves it.
We're gonna have one helluva 2024, man. And to be able to still feel that after the atomic BOMB dropped a couple weeks ago is head-spinning. Oh, and can it please be Monday, February 12th? Still getting updates from the airlines about UPGRADING MY SEAT! Shit like that. Like I just need to get past the goddamned Super Bowl.
Man, I'm so excited.