2:45 PM, Tuesday, January 30th 2024:
It's wild, I'm so goddamned gunshy about documenting what's happening because it feels like the MOMENT I make it public I'm gonna get bitch-slapped again. I'm so out of practice with true roller-coasters in The Journey... and this may be the fastest turnaround yet. Man do I even announce this?
I DON'T WANT TO SAY ANYTHING SO BAD. Like, I'm about to lock this entry just to make my blood pressure go down. Goddamn I really have to do that don't I.
Is that a Journey first? Locking potentially good news because I don't want to feel devastated when it doesn't pan out? I have NEVER done that. Wow. But as I type I'm picturing people reading this and it makes my hands shake. Dude, I'm going through it man. To at least GET THROUGH this fucker it'll be locked for a day or two... but there's no actual reason to lock this.
So I woke up on Monday (Jesus that's only yesterday?) ready to truly start my post-NFL actions for Virtual Presence Productions. It was time to comb through all of my Delorean gigs and make a list of potential people to contact who would be interested in this technology. This was actually what I was going to do in August before the NFL stuff came up, and I wouldn't have even considered doing it until at least March or April had I been going to the Super Bowl... but now it's time roll. Just need to get these people in a headset. After a couple hours I had whittled it down to roughly 20 people in a big ol' spreadsheet with phone nubers, emails and how we knew each other. This is truly where you realize just how much ALWAYS BEING ON TIME matters. There is not one person on this list that wasn't THRILLED with the Delorean experience. So I texted a few, started some emails, and one person responded who used to work for Spectrum, Lakers TV.
He no longer worked there, but had contacts who did... he however is still in the sports world working for TNT, ESPN, the NBA directly doing video and social media stuff. As I explained what I was doing he was incredibly receptive. Like, wanted to see this shit TODAY. Within an hour of my text he called me, got the info, went to Target, bought a quest 2, then hit me up to walk him through it. I showed him "The NFL Pitch" as well as the Rams Reel that greenlit the Super Bowl. He was floored. Started listing off producers he wanted to show it to... started asking me questions about turnaround time - specifically if I could shoot in this quality at, say, a Lakers practice and be able to show the results by the end of the practice. Absolutely, would just need to bring my PC with me.
This dude had actually spent the last several years in New Orleans working for the Pelicans and the Saints and just moved back to Anaheim a few months ago. You could tell he was like "THIS IS IT." By last night he had already shared it with producers at TNT and was hitting up Lakers organizations today and his family is coming over this Sunday so I can put some files directly on his headset so he isn't beholden to the internet. It's been 24 hours. THIS DUDE MOVES LIKE ME. He kept saying "Man, this at an all-star game would be unreal... " I explained to him that I honestly thought the NFL footage was a longshot because of proximity but that it worked really well... but NBA? No-brainer. In fact that has been my stated goal since before the NFL. Specifically? Documenting Lebron and Bronny's first year together. If I get to shoot a Lakers practice and can show this to LeBron? Holy fucking fuck guys. I'd give up literally everything I'm doing and just work for him helping him capture his memories for what is a once-in-a... wait, no it's never happened. Father/Son have never played in the NBA together.
Anyway - I'm WAY ahead of myself. But talk about putting your money where your mouth is? Dude moved FAST. He gets it, it was instant, he thinks he can help and he HAS A BACKGROUND PRODUCING SPORTS CONTENT. We're speaking the same language. I mean... what the actual fuck.
I told him I would fly anywhere on the planet to put people in this headset, just lead the way. On Sunday we'll talk about roles and what's expected and avoid THAT whole mess from the get-go, but right off the bat the dude knows his shit. Is in this world and understands what's happening. I am flabbergasted. I cannot believe how fast he's responding and, well, come to think of it my NFL contact did the same thing. As I said in "The Trailer that broke me" video: it's undeniable. I've never seen anyone respond poorly to it. The opening shot of the Rams reel starts 2D and morphs into 3D in a way that literally every, single, person, goes:  WOW. Out loud.

I just may have started a new path that's gonna end up in the NBA. Lord Hammercy.
Hold on tight. I think we'll be shooting a Virtual Presence Podcast this weekend.

Oh wait, this is a video blog.
So I'm working on a new type of VR180 video that feels more cinematic so expect a bunch of strange film tests to see what's possible. This is one of 'em...
I often wish I wasn't the model in these things. Because if you didn't know I was trying to test light, movement, focus, etc. It would look like me showing off my utter lack of guns. Sure, I'm starting to lift weights in order to get in better shape, but there's nothing to show right now and I honest to fuck just thought the lighting in the new weight room I built looked cool - and with the right settings I could nail a more cinematic feel. More of this coming... but holy fuck CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS ENTRY?

In fact, why am I locking this!!!! FUck that!!! Let's be happy again and see if we can withstand another beating!!!!