Unlocked 01.27.24
2:45 PM, Tuesday, January 23rd 2024:
A week. And if I'm being honest? Feel worse than I did when the bomb dropped. I kind of did it to myself though. I kept texting my NFL contact and felt like it was possibly still gonna happen and yesterday got the final:  nope. It sucks because Apple announced their specs for what THEY consider "Immersive Video". We honestly had no IDEA because they were pushing spatial video so hard but these weird prototype cameras kept getting leaked. Welp, it's VR180 video shot in 8k at 60fps. Exactly what I shot for the NFL and for the New Zealand project.

I was even willing to defer payment until it's sold because I'm THAT CERTAIN this will sell... and NFL Media STILL can't do it because the powers that be have frozen EVERYTHING in development because as I mentioned before: they won't own the rights. It's like I was about to do a bunch of work on the Delorean... but then sold it before I did it as-is. Well I'm not doing it NOW. What's the point? I won't even own it?!?! Fuck that.
I get it. It still, fucking, hurts. Which means, for the first time in over a decade? I actually needed the Journey Piano...
Man it's weird to see a journey song in VR180. It's like climbing back INTO an old journey entry. Hmmm... could be a cool thing to do.... too bad I can't change my house back. LOL.

Anyway... I'm gonna be better after this. I've already made some calls, setting up meetings with the Apple Vision Pro (oh of course I pre-ordered that - it's a NECESSITY now that I have to pitch) I'm back in focused mode. This was a bad week. Molasses. I haven't felt the molasses in SOOOO LONG. I believed SO HARD and it took something as ridiculous as THE SUPER BOWL and needing to hire accountants and start an S-Corp to make me finally go: OK, fuck me, this is happening.
...and now I start over with an unbelievable (and undeniable) reel. Here we go.