Unlocked 01.27.24
7:35 PM, Tuesday, January 16th, 2024:
My goodness are we really starting 2024 with 75% locked entries? How do I even write this. Here's the email:
Re: 4TVs Shoot Cancellation
We are no longer going to move forward with this project. Please let me know if you’re able to get on the phone today between 10am and 12pm to talk more.
Heart racing, can't catch my breath moment. He texts me this story...
I then turn on my camera waiting for the call and finally explain in better detail what went down a couple hours later, so I'll just post that video and fill in some more blanks:
So the whole "Disney's doing it" was incorrect. I was just grasping at straws while drowning. Basically the NFL isn't going to own NFL Media anymore. So everything in development goes away because... they won't even have the rights to negotiate a contract. It won't benefit them, it will benefit the new guys - who already bought the company as-is. So they freeze everything and see what the new bosses think when the merger happens in April (beginning of the fiscal year).
The personal side to this is obvious: I was already having a difficult time getting anyone to listen to me - even with everyone knowing I was working with the NFL, saw me on TV with the camera... crickets. But you figure at least the fucking SUPER BOWL is undeniable. (Shit, or was it?). But for someone starting a new company, that's one helluva start. Of course the thousands I've put into an S-Corp and backups are nauseating all of which were for the NFL and the NFL only. I should get most of my back-up equipment money back, but not everything is returnable. Whew.

Then of course there's just egg on my face because it was public. People will assume either A) it wasn't really happening or B) I spoke too soon and it wasn't set in stone. Neither of which were true. It was set in stone enough to have hotel rooms, plane tickets, production meetings and dozens of prep emails. In fact it was WAY more set in stone than the test was. I never got the contract for the test! Crazy, right? The contract for the Super Bowl could've easily not been completed until after the Super Bowl. With corporations THAT big shit like that happens. It's nuts. So believe me, this was indeed happening at every level.
So this stays locked simply so I can make a game plan. There's also a part of me that thinks they may still find a way to do this. I still think there's value in having the Super Bowl archived in VR180. Has to be, right? But as my contact there said - since this footage didn't have an actual HOME yet... it's a moot point. Like, obviously NFL Films will be there even though they're getting sold because their footage has a HOME. We were unable to secure the HOME with Apple or Meta in time before this was announced so KAPUT!
And dude at Variety, really? Like - you really couldn't wait to break that story for a couple weeks!?!?! JESUS. It doesn't happen until APRIL. I cannot for the life of me understand the timing of this. Fucking hell. I've been on the phone all day, I'm exhausted and I'm just not ready for this type of old-school journey moment. I usually see them coming.
Then again - here's part of what I wrote in the previous locked entry:
Everyone's indifference makes me feel like even THAT isn't happening. Like I'm gonna get a call this week and the Super Bowl is off. That's how fucked up this feels. I basically cannot get a contract until I'm an S-Corp and I'm waiting and waiting on all that paperwork. All I can do is wait and spend thousands on back-up equipment while everyone ignores me and I keep uploading VR180 content for no one...


Oh yeah. This depression is gonna hit hard and LINGER. Fuck me.
What happens next...