12:21 PM, Thursday, November 30th, 2023:
Ripping a hole in the roof seemed like a good stopping point...
Whew. I'm sure you have questions...
Had to have a fire escape. Not even a question. Considered other ways but this seemed the easiest to secure and safest route. Once on the roof there's a myriad of ways to safely get down as an adult... I'll add a couple different ways to help a kid but of course it does beg the question: can't he sneak out now?
Yes. Alive. I dare his ass to try that teenage shit with me (Mr. Light Sleeper) in a house this small. Shit it would be easier for him to walk out the front door than to escape using the roof. That fucker is loud as shit and it's directly above us. But truth be told:  I have zero concerns about either of our kids sneaking out. If they have the balls to attempt that... sheeeit. For a party? Or whatever it is we may or may not let them do? I never snuck out. I was annoyed with my mom's rules and MOVED out. That's the whole point. Sneaking out would've made the already annoying rules - UNFUCKING LIVEABLE. So you bide your time and move when school is over. I also have cameras everywhere and just... good luck, dude.

ANYWHO - so yeah, got a ton done in a couple weeks and I now think I'll get this done in another 10-14 days, so not bad. Really only took 10 days to build the 2nd attic space to move all the shit from this one into THAT space, and this will be about 3 weeks? That's fast. That's a lot of shit to pull off and I gotta say it's wonderful taking computer breaks. Did kinda suck to have to think about what to shoot for this video, but that's really just one shot at a time. Nothing like the insanity of October and all the New Zealand and NFL stuff.
And speaking of that my LA NFL contact is flying to New York next week to meet with the BIG mofo at the NFL and see what happens next. That whole "Super Bowl, let's do it!" moment from a few entries back is apparently now contingent on what this dude says. They think it's happening no matter what, but it isn't officially "approved" so I can't imagine a bad meeting in NY would help APPROVE it anymore, ya know? But more than that, this NY thing is an "all hands on deck" (except for me apparently) to see how the NFL can truly pitch this and find a home for the content. Oh and even if they think this content is worth putting their time and money behind. The test shoot and even the Super Bowl I guess is kind of just "fun budget" they have already... still don't quite get that, but hey - I'm the beneficiary. The next level would involve Apple or Meta and that's what they need to get everyone behind. If everyone likes the reel, boom - I go to the Super Bowl (even without a home for the content) and we hope it's used to attract the big guns. I think. Dude, it's so much "need to know" basis that I have no concept of what is actually happening. My feeling is it's somewhat inconclusive and this just drags on into the new year without any real direction. Maybe by the end of January they approve everything and I have an amazing February?
For now I focus on the room. Hopefully I have an answer about the NFL before that's finished.