11:57 AM, Sunday, November 26th, 2023:
I don't want to talk about the game. I don't want to talk about the game.
...this is EXACTLY like working at WTVN in the 90s and being undefeated and losing to that FUCKING TEAM every goddamn year. Ryan Goddamn Cooper. Even the fan reactions are identical. Half of them want him gone the other half talks about how it's just one game and he's so good everywhere else. But the truth is we all knew McCord would cost us a big game eventually. And we probably all knew it was gonna be that one. Fuck.
I totally just talked about the game. Ugh. Anyway - we got a tree. Here's a video. It's flat because I'm burnt the hell out.
I've been shooting the room construction in VR180 so the next video will probably be Part 2 of 3 of that whole process. It's going pretty good, but my goodness am I finding new muscles to injure. Installing drywall at these angles is just surreal. I'm certain no one ever dreamed in 1949 when this house was built that someone would be trying to make that a liveable space. But I'm gonna do it!
Should be done a bit before Christmas. Woohoo.