12:01 AM, Monday, November 6th, 2023:
And in the end...
And there it is... the final footage from New Zealand. What a bizarre odyssey. I need to go back in the winter for snowboarding. That'd be fun.
So this was indeed shot on my final day. A few hours later I was off to the airport where I happily went back in time and lived another Saturday here in the states. Cannot believe it took nearly a month to get all of this out. Hell, the video links are so far behind (I like to space out the uploads there) this won't be public for another week or so. But ya know what? That's good. I need a break from the computer.
Now I get to spend a weekend playing games with the kids and on Monday I'll start work on Cam's clean room/bedroom in the attic. Which will probably also be a video - LOL. That's the life I chose, man...
So final thoughts on the whole New Zealand trip are completely split down the middle. Personally, spec-fucking-tacular. Bonding with someone on the other side of the planet with such a DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT background is one of those feelings I hope everyone experiences at least once in their lives. It makes the world smaller and makes you truly understand that we all tend to fall in a handful of personality types... and even those have more commonalities than we think. I mean I have a fucking TATTOO now because of Ihi and this experience, the footage is wonderful and goodness I can only imagine the reels I could do to promote the fact that I shoot sports stories, now. WOW. It's a goal now for me to get my family to New Zealand and I'm sure Ihi and I will find a way to make that possible. He certainly knows how to get shit done...
...and then there's the flip side of this coin which is all things business and, well, it's a whole lot of question marks. The thing about working with the NFL on this content is that you see first-hand all the roadblocks - AND THAT'S THE NFL. I haven't the slightest idea how you turn the experimental New Zealand footage into a pitch that garners real, actual money for a fully budgeted shoot... but thankfully, that's not up to me. They have the contacts and they believe... it just feels awful to do all this work, throw it into the air and then "hope" other people have it together. The one thing I know for certain however is this: it will not be for a lack of compelling footage. I've showcased this format in so many different ways - that aspect is just undeniable.
Come onnnnnnnnnnn, Apple. Knock this release out of the park. Announce amazing shit at the launch of your headset and change the world please.