3:18 PM, Wednesday, November 1st, 2023:
I think this may be why I never wanted to monetize The Journey. Editing extremely complicated videos has been my ENTIRE LIFE for a month. Every day, ungodly hours. Hell, you can't even see all the NFL stuff. That's been a 30 minute presentation, a 15 minute presentation, 3 trailers... they are indeed Journey fodder, but how? When? Then there's 7 different New Zealand videos (2 left) and most of these are uploaded to 4 different sites, with 5 completely different thumbnails. It's a seemingly unending barrage of organization and I desperately want to do ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY nothing here pretty soon. But not today...
So yeah, I didn't film all this Halloween stuff in VR180. Like, I just can't do anymore projects right now. Cannot. I have PROVED beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's the future, but in order to keep my sanity because the 8k60 workflow is so FUBAR, my "taking a break" is shooting tons of footage, writing and recording a voice-over, making a quick music track and piecing together a 10 minute documentary on Halloween week that about 40 people will see.

This is my easy day...
Man they're so big. Vienna only has one of these left before she's a teenager. You can see the shift... we're already talking about making our front yard one of these cool houses to scare other kids when we all hand out candy... we're in the twilight of these videos - but every phase is awesome in it's own right.
So Happy Halloween! Bring on the holidays and I do indeed see light at the end of this tunnel.