10:56 AM, Monday, October 30th, 2023:
What an entry. I have to interject and just mention how heartbroken I am over Matthew Perry. I adored his fearlessness with addressing his addiction problems. Of course I loved Chandler, everyone loves Chandler... but he blew me away with his ability to not only be honest about his struggles, but his utter lack of fear when talking about how it actually FELT. He knew half the people listening thought "you're famous, you have no money concerns, fuck off..." and he still had the strength to be vulnerable about how unfair it felt that "the other 5" could enjoy what he couldn't process. His interviews the past year have been unbelievable and I wish this wasn't stuck in an entry about New Zealand. May have to break the 100/year rule in 2023. But for now I'll move on...
So - uhm, holy shit, I got a tattoo. For a guy who has never been CLOSE to getting a tattoo, this is a big moment for me. Once you see the video however, I think you'll be just as blown away with the process as I was. Here's the link, but I'll describe everything for those without headsets or those who simply don't want to watch a video with a running time over a half-hour.
So I really didn't understand what was happening. I trusted Ihi, I felt honored at the opportunity, but I was going in blind. So when I found out that a moko was a story of your life, I started to get chills. That has always been my aversion to getting a tattoo: I'm a different person every 5-10 years. I am a chameleon on so many levels, I cannot fathom what on earth I'd choose! 4tvs logo? GolfKon? Delorean (oh fucking kill me on that one...) who am I? And then I was immediately put at ease when I realized the dude was gonna talk to me and learn who I was.
Quick aside: I am so goddamned annoyed I come off as if I need to be reminded of my own family. LOL. Anyone who has followed one second of The Journey knows what Talya and the kids mean to me but I have to explain my thought process going into this entire trip: I had to block them out, concentrate on "Work Adam" because the thought of them not being with me depressed the ever-loving shit out of me. So you're watching me in WORK MODE. That is not the daily me. Anyone who even knows how to get to this site and read this knows that, but I look at every video as if it's someone's first time and seeing Ihi have to REMIND ME I have children. And since I was filming by myself (sigh) I missed the part where I talked about Talya and the whole video feels unbalanced.

HOWEVER if you know me? You can see how emotional I am because I desperately miss my family and am so honored to have them now WITH ME for the rest of my life. I just can't say enough how much this entry means to me, how much this experience has moved me, and how incredible it is that I waited 48 years to do this... only to have something created specifically for me, in New Zealand, by a Maori. I'm overcome with gratitude.
Whew. What, an, experience.