5:32 PM, Thursday, October 19th, 2023:
This is the craziest month. Maybe of my entire life.
I finished the presentation and I couldn't get it under 30 minutes. Shit was THAT good. Made Talya cry, no one has ever seen a sporting event like this. It's jaw-dropping. It's also our STARBUCKSIVERSARY!!!!!
It's funny, although I'm not physically tired? You can tell I'm exhausted. Just spent. I have put so, much, work, into, these videos. Oh and, yeah - that was a flat video. As will halloween videos and shit. I need a VR180 break something awful. I like how taking a break is just producing video for every event in your life. LOL. But the idea of bringing out that rig just cracked my brain today.
So to the point at hand - 2010-2023! We've made it to this spot 14 times in a row, that's amazing. I should say something about the romance of it all, right? What did I say last year?
Oh shit, I said fuck all, it was all about the camera. '21? Yeah I guess I never say much in the entries now that I'm rereading it. It's always video-based entry with the written part being a slice-of-life about the surroundings. Makes sense.
Ok, working on the NFL trailer tomorrow and then I SHOULD be able to get back to the New Zealand videos. Whew.