1:11 PM, Tuesday, October 10th, 2023:
My goodness is the video I shot in New Zealand breathtaking. I don't even know where to start.
So I'm back, rendered everything and spent my birthday yesterday getting to just review the footage. Honestly? Best birthday present I could've possibly had. That initial rough cut when you have NEVER seen the footage? Is absolutely magic. I mean magic. What I captured is more of the "never been captured by a VR180 camera" stuff and, just wow...
...however? It's just sports. I was lead to believe this was about the indigenous people of New Zealand (the Maori) and of course, Ihi is Maori and is using ancient teachings to help these athletes. But, at no point (until our very last zoom a few days before) did I realize this was just a series of different sports. I mean - whoopee for me! From baseball to rowing, to cycling to FOOTBALL I mean goodness am I gonna have one helluva reel. But, uh, I don't exactly understand how we're gonna make a reel about the indigenous people of New Zealand out of any of this. Not really my concern I guess, I just shot every possible thing that was put in front of me. The rest is up to the peeps who brought me in.
So yeah, the first entry ended up being the flagpole and riding with Ihi which is actually the perfect way to start this journey from my perspective. I knew so little coming into this and those two scenes ARE ihi. Serious, might kill you... but actually very funny and jovial. He just doesn't suffer fools. He doesn't fuck around. He expects you to be on time (guess who was always early) and expects you to keep your word. So, yeah, you can say I love this dude. People THINK they're like this, but in my 25 years in LA I've never really found anyone who lives it. This calm, assertive, and FOCUSED expectation. I love that shit. It's my whole life. It's the entire foundation of The Journey. It's why I'm typing entry #2377 and spent my entire birthday editing: what I produce is what I am. I say I'm going to do all sorts of shit and I do it. Ihi and I are cut from the same cloth and I think we immediately realized that. I think. Still might be a little scared to ask him though.
This video covers the second part of the flagpole day where we he talks a bit about trees and we visit the great Tane Mahuta! The biggest and oldest tree I've ever seen. It kiiiiiiiiinda translates in VR180, but even that doesn't do it justice. What a tree.
And of course here comes Ihi tellin' the story of the GOD DAD bangin' the GOD MOM and his appendage dripping out after the money shot.
These are all things that will NOT be in a corporate reel. But they're exactly why I love not only this dude, but the entrie culture. I may not be of the same religious mind, but I surely enjoy romanticizing nature and having the self-awareness that we're all simply a function of sex. Good shit.
Alright, I'm pretty sure I won't pull off #3 by the time I do the NFL, though I'm gonna try. We're now having contract and insurance issues so who knows if this will even happen. Always crazy. But I'll try to have #3 by the end of the week.