2:27 PM, Saturday, September 2nd, 2023:
Exactly one year ago today I wrote the entry "The Samy's Moment". Trying to explain why sinking a small fortune into VR180 felt like a life-changing event. I compared it to 4tvs, RentTheDelorean.com and although I did believe what I said back then? I would still be pretty shocked that a year later I'm posting the reel that landed a deal with the NFL. Just rereading that sentence makes me want to just waiiiiiit. Wait until you're ass is ON THE FIELD shooting the test, ya know? Like. My whole life is the other shoe dropping... but documenting each step is what keeps me pushing year after year. So here's the magic video I hope you watch in your headset...
It's funny I told Don that was 30-35 hours of work and technically it was... but that's presuming you already have all the pieces complete. It was 30-35 hours of work compiling, writing, directing and testing the shit that was already done, but the Delorean section alone was part of a 400 hour piece (that like 6 people have seen - LOL) and the scope of it all? A year of my life. That reel is every second of a year of my life to produce and why I feel so confident in things going forward. Sure people are getting more adventurous with moving the camera since I've stated pushing this a year ago, but I still don't see anyone doing the harder 3D effects work to really immerse you. Simply put: it's hard as fuck to lay that in a VR space while editing in a VR headset. It's like 1990s effects work: shit crashes, shit isn't supported, you just feel like you're inventing it as you go along. But hopefully that's why it's working for me...
I toyed with the idea of just saying:  "I'm done with RentTheDelorean.com" in this entry and make no mistake, I've been done for years... but the business organically slowed down without me doing or saying shit and there's no real reason for me to stop answering the calls or emails. Every once and awhile it means a big pile of money and a nice little vacation with the Mrs... no reason to stop that. What will slowly happen however (if it hasn't already), all of the real "WORK" gigs? I believe those days truly are done. I will price myself out of the market with minimums and only turn that key if four figures are in play. I'm just out. I'm just not that person... it was an unbelievably fun adventure housed within "The Journey Vol. 2" and that's it for me. I guess I bore easily because I only want to focus on VR180 and pushing the boundaries of this medium and can see myself doing that for the remainder of this decade. I mean, it's not like the adventures are slowing down (New Zealand and the NFL?!?!), I just get to actually use the creative skills I've worked on my whole life instead of being a mechanic who shows up and "hangs" while people oggle a movie prop. That shit bored me in 2014. I couldn't be further from giving a shit now in fact it reached a boiling point at the end of 2019. I've been clamoring for a way out. I can literally just say: "I'm done." in my head and if there is some upswing in gigs, I can arrange other cars and of course if the price is right? Sell mine. But I don't need the money so I'm just not in a rush.
Pretty special position to be in. And all of it is because a year ago I took a leap. It's funny to me that what was a sizable financial investment that day was roughly HALF of what it ended up costing and I just pushed and pushed and pushed all year in a nearly complete vacuum because of how poorly designed the VR space is for videos. It looks like by the end of this year, none of that will matter. Amazing.
So I celebrate today for an amazing year and I can honestly say? Where I sit one year from today could very well be an overwhelming shift.
I'm ready.