8:49 PM, Wednesday, August 30th, 2023:
This is one of those write as fast as you can entries the day of so you can capture that magic thing you will always gloss over in years to come...
Been in a lot of rooms like that. A lot of moments like that. They don't go like that. The closest thing I can compare this to is "Hey, it's your agent. Call me." from 2006. Today's was "Well there's your money." Both complete 2x4s to your head.
We get to the NFL, start setting up and I'm finally able to meet my friend's NFL contact. Why am I not saying his name here? I'm still in protect-mode I guess. Well anonymity now means this entry is unlocked and until the check clears I guess that's a good thing. Oh, and there's gonna be a check so that kinda spoils the story. LOL.
ANYWAY. Show that dude (I shall call him THOR!) the reel, he immediately says the swimsuit part can't be shown. They can't even show cheerleaders anymore, so we have to come up with a workaround which ended up being showing each person the first part, taking it off and skipping ahead, and then showing the rest. It worked out fine and honestly made it seem like we had so much content that we needed to skip ahead to save time. Annoying to me because I wanted to show this to him on Monday which would've solved this, but the three of us got past it and everyone reacted... perfectly. I mean - everyone was excited, everyone saw just how different this technology is and during a break I just had to talk to my phone...
Of course this was before the big one: the guy who actually holds the purse strings. And what happened next was sort of surreal. The dude was so unassuming and just watched the reel and then went right to talking about how to make it work that I didn't realize THAT was it. He walks out a few minutes later and Thor says "Well, there's your money.". At which point he told me to invoice him for a test shoot with a single camera as soon as possible.
And that's it. It's just... happening. I had actually asked for a single-camera test because there's still some question in my mind what can and can't be captured in terms of the NFL. Remember, this medium relies on foreground being like 2-3 feet away. Even if the action is 50 feet away, you need something close to give you bearings or it turns into some big blurry mess. This will not be an easy thing to pull off... although I absolutely know that if anyone can thread that needle it's me thanks to a year's worth of testing and shooting. No matter what I know there's content that would be insanely valuable to fans even if actual gameplay isn't feasible to produce right now. 10 years from now, sure. Today? There's simply not enough avenues for income to make it happen. Yet. The NFL could literally create them. That's why this is so huge and why the test needs to kick ass.
Looks like that test will be October 16th, as it takes a few weeks to get into their system and I leave for New Zealand a month from today. Because of COURSE that's my life right now and OF COURSE this is what I should expect after struggling all year to even get Meta or DeoVR to respond to me. You just jump all of them? Uhm. Ok. I'm here for it.
So I rest, try and get up tomorrow and catch up on some Journey videos and of course, make that invoice to get in the system immediately.
Whirlwind: start.