2:19 PM, Tuesday, August 29th, 2023:
So this ends up being the NFL announcement (due to the previous locked entries) and to the VR180 crowd, it's also the New Zealand announcement. Kind of a storytelling mess. However, I'll deal with all of that after the video and explain all the stuff that is missing in this video...
The locked entries may even still be locked in 2030 when The Official Journey Vol. 3 comes out. That's how strange this situation is. And as I said above, there are 2 audiences right now and the VR180 audience is quite a bit bigger. So to them, this is announcing both huge plot-lines and even THAT is hidden within what looks like a very boring video. I will eventually have to do a "State of the Union" video where I re-announce the announcements to that crowd. There was no real way to make the New Zealand announcement a VR180 film other than just throwing it in the 3D theater I built which just seemed kinda cheap? I mean I guess nothing really needs announcements. I can show up in New Zealand the same way I showed up in Costa Rica, right? Hmmm... interesting way to look at it.
But of course The Journey is about capturing the moments and I knew today was special because tomorrow is a ridiculously massive moment in not just my life, but the life of VR180. If we somehow convince the NFL to adopt this format in any sort of meaningful way? Holy shit. Game changer.
Of course "we" hasn't even been announced, probably because we haven't really defined "we" other than to say a good friend shared one of my VR180 videos with his friend at the NFL and the dude loved it. That was only 10 days ago and he already scheduled 4 hours of meetings for us with tons of people at the literal NFL tomorrow at noon.
It's literally starting at the top. Well I guess the start was with the AAA Columbus Clippers, but that was a free endeavor bound only by access to a press pass. This? Oh this is much more. This is money, this is contracts, this is producing VR180 content for a league worth $163 Billion dollars which is more than the NBA and MLB combined. If this works tomorrow? It's just a really big deal. So much so I needed to just capture how I looked and felt the day before. How much it seems quite clear that my Delorean days are over and the literal calm before tomorrow's storm.
It's also so much more that's housed within the previous two entries and like most hollywood stories seemingly destined to be hidden forever. It could be a simple explanation in 2030 as we gallavant through these VR180 adventures in Vol. 3, or it could be so much more. It's one I have to keep private other than to tell everyone me and Talya are great! Kids are great! This is a massive opportunity and I made a really, really good reel for tomorrow and have full confidence in what it lays out. Take it or leave it, I'm satisfied with my part (so much so I screamed "YES" at the end of it the first time I saw it). I've controlled what I can, the rest is up to The Journey Gods as I used to say. No matter what the fate is, I'm alright...
...and all that other stuff? Well, the answer is the truth. Communicate the truth. Repeatedly to anyone who will listen. Things will sift out and the only thing you can control is if you were honest. So you just keep expressing that. I will say that I'm super lucky to have a good list of people who have known me for 20+ years to bounce things off. It helps in showbiz. A bunch.
Alright tomorrow. Let's do this.