11:25 AM, Monday, August 16th, 2023:
So nice to unlock this mega bomb...
The voice-over really does explain it best, but I have a bunch more to add:
In 2019, I made a video called “The Imposter Syndrome” about my time in Marseille with the cast of Back to the Future as well as an event I did at X - The Moonshot Factory (f.k.a. Google[X]) with leaders of industry. Beyond the event going well, that video really struck a chord with the guy that hired me and he shared it with his team. Had no idea how many people felt this way throughout their career (including the leaders of industry on that stage!).
We’ve stayed in touch through the years and on March 30th, on the strength of my documentaries, he asked if I’d be willing to direct and shoot a documentary he was producing. I told him the only way I could invest time was if it was shot in VR180.
Long story short (like 6 months) they have thrown all of their personal time and money behind me and this format and I’m being flown to New Zealand on September 30th to begin shooting. The access for VR180 is obviously uncharted territory but we will have some access outsiders have never seen.
It’s not only a massive opportunity, it’s an immense responsibility to be attempting this with such a new format. Making things look good in VR180 is unbelievably trying. The last 10 VRlogs however, have really gone to the next level. Which means, ironically, I don’t feel “The Imposter Syndrome” for maybe the first time in my life. Besides telling stories through “The Journey” for 25 years, no one is doing this “run & gun” style of VR180… at all. The timing couldn’t be better.
I cannot give the details of what, why or how we’re shooting just yet, I have no choice but to straight up ignore those questions until I’m allowed to say more so please understand! I am certainly making locked videos for a future date in Journey-fashion. How on earth I’ll shoot The Journey Volume 3 in 2030 now is beyond me.
Anyway, more to come. Get your hands on a used Quest 2! You can get em for like $200 now with the 3 coming out in October.
So holy shit, right? This is a crazy story that only JUMPED to this level last month. That's what "The X Factor" video was about. But going back to March...
I was on a walk with Talya when Nick called and while yes he did ask me if I would be interested in directing this I left out my favorite part:
"Have you ever considered directing something that wasn't about you?"
Oh goddamn that made me laugh. The answer is of course YES. That's the irony of "Fastest Delorean" - half the reason I was excited to do that project was it would be about KENNY. He builds it, he races it, he gets the record - I was so fucking excited after 16 years of focusing on my adventures to spotlight someone else. We all know how that turned out...
...but yes, I fully understand that it's a legitimate question to ask me and I was of course said I would... wherein he explained he and a partner had been working for years on a relationship with a man in New Zealand and are trying to shoot some really exciting stuff. Which is where I had to stop him. As lovely as this sounded, I was DEEP into VR180 and simply could not take my focus off of that. He asked what VR180 was (he thankfully had a headset) and a week later we spent a couple hours in VR where I shared with him what I had shot. At that time the Central Park video was the most impressive one as it really told a story and did so in a unique way with the overlays and older footage. Still love that video to be honest. He was pretty sold and then we did a big zoom meeting with the contact in New Zealand and it all seemed to go well, but... it was then radio silence for a couple months.
However those couple of months were REALLY big. First, I started shooting some exeptional things and the video quality hit crazy levels culminating in the insanity of the Ohio VRlogs. Secondly, and most importantly, that Apple Vision Pro announcement was everything I thought it would be to the behind-the-scenes people. Contracts are being signed, content is being made and Nick figured this out on his own. So when we had another zoom meeting last month? He explained they are ALL IN on shooting this immersive and I'm the dude they want overseeing all of it. They have pitches lined up for this content and they're footing the bill to make this a reality.
I cannot express enough how big it is that Apple said "fuck games, we're doing entertainment and productivity". That was a LASER shot to everyone... especially the guy who said the same thing last year and invested in all of this. Of course I didn't announce anything until the literal tickets were BOUGHT and believe it or not, they had to look over the social media announcement (this video's voice-over) to make certain I said everything correctly. I also left out a ton (and am doing the same here) because we have so many different factions needing to be "ok" before we're public. But I can say this:
I fucking did it. Like... I fucking did it. For once in my life, I not only backed the right horse? But I made it my own and by the end of this year we could see a completely different landscape for my life. And that's just in THIS category... the Metric video could also upend everything as well as the baseball video. It's simply a matter of getting people in headsets and seeing it. The content I've made will sell what I'm doing. I may be so busy at the start of 2024 I will need to hire help. It's unreal how fast this is moving.
So I can exhale a little now that this is all public. I knew last month that this was pretty official, but again - until you see someone email you the itinerary with paid tickets attached... you don't believe anything. I believe now. And my goodness are things ramping up.
Whew. Now to drop like 30 pounds. Glad the kids are back in school. LOL