12:01 PM, Monday, August 14th, 2023:
Kids are back in school and we get a strange random video of our final week of summer...
Pee-Wee really should've been his own entry when he died but alas, VR180 has slightly jumbled things. Far more difficult to do quick one-off entries in this format and even if I can? I'm producing so much VR180 content that I have to space it out and it often replaces what would have normally been an entry. What I'm finally announcing next however will probably mark the end of this RABID VR180 production as it has indeed lead to something that moves me to the next step. I can't sustain this many videos and still do "The Journey" the way it's meant to be done. So there's a pretty clear break coming as we ease into the next round of awesomeness. Can't wait to tell everyone finally!!!
And yes, we had fun in the sun and had a great time ending summer with a splash. I'm thrilled to be back into the school grind as it gives me a little more time to focus on things that need to be done.
Whew. Summer went quick!