9:45 PM, Thursday, August 10th, 2023:
It feels disrespectful to write about my overwhelming sadness for the city of Lahaina. People lost everything including loved ones and I lost... a vacation spot? How elitist can you be?
But I can't shake the feeling. It's honestly like hearing an old friend died. I think that's the interesting thing about memories of people and far away places: somewhere you always believe you can go back. That belief actually keeps those memories alive. I have never visited a place before that no longer exists. I mean, sure buildings are torn down and land is changed... but Lahaina was eviscerated. It looks like an atomic bomb hit that city. I can't even process the videos. I can't believe me memories can never be recreated. A normal fire? Sure, you rebuild... this? I don't even understand how it's possible in that climate for these buildings to turn to ash. It's easily the worst fire I've ever seen in my lifetime and you have to go back to literal DRAWINGS of city fires for something comparable.
So I just had to write. I just have to document my profound sadness for the people of Maui and share how much I loved the city of Lahaina and how many fun memories our family had with the people there. May they find a way to recapture the spirit of that lovely little town.