7:30 AM, Thursday, August 3rd, 2023:
Very nice to bookend the Columbus trip with videos about my dad. There's no real over-arching story to tell, so I couldn't really pull off a "Day in the Life" video... but these are how I remember my father growing up. Playing music... running a Coney restaurant... and washing his fucking car so many times I honestly think he kept the towel and bucket industry in business for over 50 years. And I adore that he felt the need to wash it when most people would... well they wouldn't. They just wouldn't. LOL.
Throw the video here...
Guys, in VR I can EAT that goddamned coney. I mean... what the fuck. That looks so good. I have to assume some day? This technology won't even phase us. I remember a similar feeling when I saw my first HD television. I had an actual emotional reaction to the difference and it took my breath away. Yet now... meh. I still actually marvel at how good you can make old films look - watching blu-rays of 80s films I grew up with on my 10 foot projector still elicits an emotion out of me... but the visceral feeling of watching my dad make this coney sauce and then NOT be able to eat it? Like... it hurts. It makes me a little dizzy because I can SMELL the goddamn thing in my brain. The sauce is so good guys... it's so good. UGH. I WANT ONE.

Anyway, I can't end this journey without talking about the opportunities that came because of my connections in Columbus. It's incredible to me that I can go around the world from New York to Costa Rica to San Francisco to all the amazing spots in Los Angeles... and my hometown of Columbus, Ohio would produce the best videos. Like - the next reel will easily feature 3 just from this trip. And the Metric video and the baseball video are GOLDEN. I have not seen anything close to that type of access and it will simply take the right people seeing it to fundamentally CHANGE THE GAME. Not talking about my life or my career here... I think these videos will inspire a REAL MOVEMENT to get this medium past porn. In my adult life I've never seen it take this long. Porn is always first in any format and then EVERYONE jumps in. Sports is especially quick. They've been shooting porn in VR180 since 2016? 7 years? And I jump on Meta TV and they now have 180 UFC fights...
IN 2 FUCKING D?!?!?!?
WHAT THE FUCK META. The reason this is so annoying is people are confused by VR video and they see that and go "meh". They don't realize it's not three-dimensional, they just realize it doesn't look that good. Some guy at home making fucking vlogs SHOULD NOT LOOK BETTER THAN the UFC!!! WHAT?!?! HOW DOES META RELEASE THIS SHIT?!?!

Anyway, thank you Columbus. Thank you Randy and Brian at CD 92.9. I'm certain the opportunities you gave me to shoot Metric and The Columbus Clippers will be a massive turning point. If I can ever get people to watch them.