10:11 AM, Friday, July 28th, 2023:
I just finished this video and really need to just write. I can't imagine I'm going to do anything but repeat myself but this is my safe space to just vomit words into a black box so I can gather my thoughts and keep going. It's so bizarre this is public sometimes. I rarely even think of that when I'm writing. It's all so "future me" can really remember the feelings.
So I added graphics for scoring in this and it's very subtle but it really, really drives home the potential. And even though I edit out quite a bit, by the end you're actually just watching the game to see how it turns out. Presuming you understand baseball scoring there's a moment where you get lost and you're just enjoying the actual pureness of the game. That's something that is so often lost when spectating. Something about seeing the batters as they go up. Just people holding a stick, ya know? On TV so much of those details get lost. You've seen the TV angles forever. But in the same way my experience of watching Jordan from the floor next to the bench was just... hyper-realistic - so is this. This feels like I felt standing there and as someone who has spent over 30 years trying to communicate feelings it's magic. It's like I was handed a magic tool, that no one else has. Soon more people will and once these cameras are just on your phone (Fall '25 I bet)? Others will feel the same things about THEIR memories. Wild time.
But yeah, as I mentioned previously about the Metric show, this video should be a crossroads. I have a list of people in sports that are interested, now it's a matter of how do we get this on their heads. First step is getting an article written that will tell people "HEY, remember that Quest 2 you bought? It can do something you didn't know it could." Literally any fan of any sport will appreciate these 2 videos. And if they then look back on the other 50 I've made? My GOOOODDDD they're varied. I've hit about every possible genre to document imaginable. And what I will be announcing some time next month will really knock things out of the park (pun totally intended). How nice is it to have locked entries about GOOD shit, right? Been awhile since that's happened.
Oh wait, the video...
So now I take a couple days off. I have the final Columbus entry, the Sofi Stadium Nerf War video, a Day in the Life of the McFly house lady: Nana Joan and The VR180 Revolution 2.0 on the docket. But thankfully, I'm not shooting much for a bit. I'm so burnt out man. I'm doin the work of too many people and I really can finally rest. I've more than proven the concept, now we just see what comes of it.
So far, so good.