8:28 AM, Monday, July 24th, 2023:
This feels like a monumental entry. I have no reservations about saying that I feel like this 2-part story will lead to fantastically big things. I cannot believe just how well these videos turned out, and I actually knew this 10 days ago when I first viewed the footage. Oh the wait has been excruciating to start working on these, but I knew they'd be the hardest as I had over 2 hours alone from this game. That's a literal FUCKTON to shoot in 8k60 Raw. But of course when I did my first run through of the footage I went right to the Grand Slam, rendered out that moment and threw it in a headset. Just... gasp-worthy. Only way I can describe it. The full story that I have been able to piece together with graphics and information on-screen? As I mentioned in the last entry I actually feel guilty keeping this to myself. It's going to be so precious to baseball fans or any sports fans... If I owned a ball club I would hire me YESTERDAY and beg me to document my team like this. It's going to be so valuable to the players IN the video... hell even the freaking barber-shop quartet that sings the national anthem! And my hometown Columbus Clippers! GODDAMNIT. Am I going to have to fly my ass back there to show them? This is going to be a clusterfuck... but once they SEE it. The Cleveland Guardians should see it, right? As I said in the VR180 video: a big sports-writer witnesses this and he won't be able to help himself. It's such an intense feeling and I'm not even a big baseball fan. I'm the guy that watches the last couple games of the world series... maybe. Actually the pitch-clock? That shit is BRILLIANT. I adored that aspect of the game. I'm actually considering buying a Baseball videogame and getting back into it because of that. ABOUT GODDAMNED TIME BASEBALL.

But I digress, part one will go here. I literally DON'T want you to press that button. It's so worthless flat. LOL. I mean it isn't... but it's like looking at a THUMBNAIL of a video as opposed to watching it. That's how different it is.
Oh that cliff-hanger is awful. Love it. Gonna wait a few days before I post more. Make some people sit on that one.

But again, wait until you see the freaking end of this game from the dugout. It's absolutely magic. It feels like the culmination in everything I've been losing sleep over all year. This is the access VR180 needed and I sure as fuck proved the concept. Cannot begin to express to you how difficult run & gun VR180 with this set-up is and how EASY it would've been for me to blow this. But I didn't. We're here. Whew.
And once again, we focus on how the hell to get people IN their headsets to find this shit without sitting them down and making them do it themselves. It's gonna be a sports-writer. Guarantee you. I can see it clear as day. It's just gonna be written about and covered on a website. That's the only way people are gonna stop EVERYTHING they're doing to set this up. Fucking annoying, but true.
Part 2 in a couple days... gonna make you wait. ;-)
PS - this is actually a placeholder entry anyway and the video won't be live for a bit. So not even sure why I'm writing that. But that is indeed the INTENTION. God The Journey is so backwards when dealing with files this complicated...