8:04 AM, Friday, July 21st, 2023:
So the next 3 VRlogs are ones that could really, REALLY, make some noise. The first one is of the band Metric that I'm not ashamed to say, I was unaware of. I'm old. I worked in radio in the 1990s and haven't kept up much since. I suck, because now that I have researched this group? Holy shit wow. 20 years of awesomeness and I cannot begin to understand how their song in Scott Pilgrim didn't catapult them into the mainstream...
...oh wait, it's because Scott Pilgrim vs. The World somehow did poorly in theaters. I adore that movie. My whole family adoes that movie and I had no idea Metric wrote that song because Brie Larson sang it in the movie (and did rather spectacular to boot). Either way, the band is by no means unknown, their fanbase is quite strong and they've been going for decades now. I say all that to say this:
If you are a fan, of this band... oh, my freaking, GOD does this feel so insanely intimate... I can't even express. Like, I've seen music videos with not only this format: but this camera... but they're not live. They're a staged multi-angle production and while amazing? You don't necessarily feel like you're live with them. Does that make sense? Even the video I did where I set up the camera to shoot me singing last year... there's presence, but something's missing. Well, I found it. When you are at a live event? And you're simply capturing THAT? Oh goodness something flips in your head. And now you have a true "fly on the wall" feeling. Now ideally, I'd have several cameras static and only one moving so I could've gotten the entire performance. I mean, techincally I did... but I had to edit some parts of songs out because my transition from floor to standing (or vice-versa) was just poor. You can't have poor in this format, people get motion sick and you lose 'em. But considering all of that? This turned out amazing. I mean, amazing. And if you are actually reading this on your phone or computer and click this link? You're 1,000% missing the point of everything I just wrote... but you'll enjoy the music.
I stopped everything I'm doing and just watched it all the way through again. It almost brings me to tears. I have no idea why this hits me so hard. First, her voice and melodies are wondrous... that helps... but much like the last entry with Randy? I feel like I've spent actual, real, time with these people. Watching that is what it feels like to be at the big room with them... actually, because I was able to grab the radio feed - it's better. You're actually closer and it sounds awesome... the possibilities of capturing live moments now? My GOD. I want to grab every old famous person before the die, throw 'em in a room and shoot them in some capacity ASAP. If I'm a record label? I'm LOVING this video for my band. The connection with their fans? It's priceless. Well, actually to a record company it isn't. And sure, it absolutely has monetary value. Like, I watch this video in my headset? And I feel like I'm stealing. Like I shouldn't be allowed to keep watching this. Like I want the band to be able to just go back to their hotel already, I've had them perform each song 5 times. THAT is how real this feels.
And when you see the next one (actually a 2-parter), you're really gonna understand. The ability to be in a dugout in a major league game (well AAA) and watch the story unfold? It's immeasurably valuable. Sure, there will be streaming cameras like this in the dugouts at some point... but the ability to tell the story? Oh my GOD. I feel like there isn't a major league club on the planet that wouldn't want a story like this told about their ball club cemented in time. I feel like I should be VERY, VERY busy in the next several years doing this. I've happened upon a seminal moment in storytelling. Now getting everyone to see it becomes the biggest roadblock.
Well for Metric I've hit up a Facebook fanpage. That's a start.