7:28 PM, Tuesday, July 18th, 2023:
My GOD has it really been 13 years...
7:28 PM, July 18th 2010:
Just write man. Keep writing.
Just heard from Amy that Andyman died last night. He was vacationing in Michigan and apparently drowned. A call from Molly, his wife, to the station is all the information we have.


Ya know, it's interesting... ever since Yoko begged fans to stop commemorating John's death, I've always felt bad that death dates hit me so hard... but it's the truth. I didn't know Andyman's birthdate. I mean, we're adults, who the fuck remembers that shit? No, I remember this moment like it was yesterday because it cracked me upside the head and I was back in Columbus less than 48 hours later. In fact I think that's a moment my friendship with Randy was cemented forever. I wrote about that in the following entry:
1:22 AM, July 21st 2010:
I just got off with Randy the Pro….errr now the General Manager and Vice President of CD101 and I'm sitting in 1998. The bond is so concrete that no amount of years can take it away. He seemed so genuinely touched that I got here within 48 hours of hearing the news and you realize… <gasp> this is the definition of "family".


What a whirlwind those few days were. This is where the magic of "The Journey" really lies. When you dedicate yourself to capturing the moment as it happens, when you look back? Oh how it comes back to you. My goodness that period. It's such an integral part of the beginning of The Journey Volume 2. Then Roxy, then the drinking-game. Good LORD. What turmoil. Thankfully, 13 years later? I get to tell a story of intestinal fortitude I will forever adore...
I know I'm a broken record but if you're not watching this in a VR headset goodness you're missing everything. Just skimming that flat is SUCH a different experience. I can only hope you're able to access it the way it was intended...
...and well, shit now it's over. I shot this weeks ago and have gone through so many stages... thinking it felt good at the time, then seeing the raw footage and realizing - HOLY SHIT IT IS GOOD - up to now, and it's actually the first video of them all that I made a rough cut of because I was dying to see if it felt like being there and goodness it does. It was so weird, while editing it? I had the same feeling afterwards that I do after spending an hour or so with Randy. And again, not like seeing a video about... like literally walking around with him. There's this EXTRA layer to where this format goes in your brain that is really extraordinary. Goddamn I hope other people are seeing this. Then again, after the X-Factor entry, it certainly seems like they could be on a very, very large scale. Oh I will not miss the vacuum of these days if that happens.
Anyway - love you Randy. I, for one, appreciate your spirit more than words can say. That's why I made this. Let's hope it gets seen!!