11:35 AM, Sunday, July 16th, 2023:
What an awesome little video... too bad it's in the forrest...
So obviously as you could see I literally STOP the video to explain the compression issue. It's funny, if you're watching this flat? Not one part of that made sense to you. You simply cannot see it unless you're in VR and an inch from the screen. But take my word, it's a MASSIVE problem because I can't fathom we're going to get 4x the streaming speeds we'd need to resolve this issue any time soon. Listen, H.265 is a goddamned miracle and I still can't believe you can stream 8k at 60fps so well in 2023. But to compete with macroblocking in heavy detail+low-light? May be a decade. Straight up. It requires SO, MUCH, MORE, BANDWIDTH to defeat it along with file-sizes that are unreal. Like - RAW. So who knows when that's ever solved. For now? We just have no choice but to avoid those situations. I honestly think a new codec is more likely than an upgrade in streaming speeds. Time will tell.

But yeah, fun entry. I adore Vienna's arc and how she overcame her fear. We also did some wall-climbing afterwards which maybe I'll use someday? But it's honestly painfully boring in VR. Shit, it would be painfully boring flat. The only way to make wall climbing exciting is to be able to maintain a level WITH the climber. From the ground it's just... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Anyway - THE RANDY 92.9 entry is finally next! I am so excited to share this...