9:01 PM, Tuesday, July 11th, 2023:
So I am home and I am in the midst of the shittiest process ever: random crashes while trying to process (with the correct projection, color and noise reduction) over 200 files, 7 1/2 hours of footage at a 9-10 to 1 ratio. Which, is only possible at that speed with the fastest videocard and processor currently available. Because of the crashing, it means I'm up basically all night with a spy cam on my monitor to make sure it's still running.
Throughout the night I look and so far every night since we've been back (tonight will be night 3) it has stopped 2-3 times. However, because I am making some progress (it goes at least an hour, sometimes up to 8) I can't really stop everything and do the testing needed to determine the cause. It's also a known Da Vinci issue when attempting anything this intensive and I just have to believe the graphics card can't handle it. Weird thing though? My temps aren't even past IDLE speeds... so the cooling is working, but clearly something else is wrong. At this rate I'm looking at finally being able to see this footage on Thursday after over 4 days of trying to process it all. That being said...
...during a couple of the crashes I checked some footage out and, whew. Uhm... this is gonna be huge. The Grand Slam is absolutely jaw-dropping. The Fireworks are absolutely jaw-dropping. Metric in the Big Room is absolutely jaw-dropping. I mean... what it does to how we capture LIVE things is almost impossible to put into words. Sure, there's music videos out there... but of course when you have time to light and physically GET in front of them it can be amazing... same can't be said for a concert. Same CERTAINLY can't be said for a professional baseball game. IN THE DUGOUT?!?!?! Good LORD.
So because of scanning a few things I've kinda been able to layout what each entry is going to be. We're gonna have 10-12 depending on how I put the baseball game together. Could very well be a 3-parter... but definitely a 2-parter.
This entry will be about my mom's house where I lived from 7-18 and that time-period's nostalgia in general. So, yeah: here's that...
...and we continue the rendering. Goodness. May I never do this many short films without being close to my computer ever again.