2:59 PM, Wednesday, July 5th, 2023:
Alright I believe this will be the last entry from Columbus I can write and feel somewhat confident I nailed filming these fireworks. We were so close that I could actually see the fireworks extending past the white viewing box on the screen of the camera. That box basically represents what you see ahead of you without moving your head... and you will indeed need to move your head if you want to see everything. All that's really left is exposure and, well, I'm not going higher than 3200 no matter what because of noise and the ISO was pegged at 2.8 the entire time. Focus wise, I messed up the beginning trying to figure it out but within a few minutes I got it so at LEAST the green focus assist flickers. Obviously it can't always be right because they're not always in the sky... but yeah without being able to view this IN a headset WHILE filming? It's a LOT of guesswork.
All that being said... this SHOULD be the best fireworks show shot in VR. I mean, other than drones flying through them which isn't even on the radar of a possibility for me (nor is it what we remember fireworks feeling like as kids). So, gulp, here it is you lucky bastards...
The day in general was just awesome. A friend from high school (Jen Pettigrew) let us hang at their house and then walk to the fireworks which she assured me were the most "over your head" she had everr experienced. No joke there. Once in my life do I ever remember being this close and I still kinda think it was a little too close. I don't remember THAT much ash before. We certainly couldn't have gotten this close for Red White & Boom (which I was attempting to set-up) so this is a win all around.
The other way I will remember last night is of course, Taco Bell. Nothing was open on the fourth of July pushing midnight... EXCEPT TACO BELL. Which elicited one of the bigger laughs our family has ever had:
Talya: "Can I get a burrito?"
Cam: "Can I get a Mexican Pizza?"
Vienna:  "Can I get a... what WHAT!?" (does that even make sense written out?!?!)
The timing, my goodness the timing. In rhythm with everyone else. Classic. As is doing a midnight taco bell run with yout kids. Felt like being a teenager again and sitting on my dad's back porch eating it felt like we were just doing something wrong... which is also a feeling I've missed for so many years. Last night sure felt like being a kid again...
...and my dad is making CONEYS tonight? His special secret recipe coneys? Whew. I'll probably make a video out of that (but leave out the secrets).
This has been a spectacular trip. Please, please, please let all of this footage turn out. It will be a crossroads for this format if it does.