12:22 PM, Monday, July 3rd, 2023:
Jesus over a week has passed, so many things have happened but I haven't written because I'm not sure how many videos are gonna be made... I think one is gonna be a 2-parter? Or maybe it'll be worthless? This shit is so hard. I'm only writing right now because this morning I had an interview which will clearly be it's own video. Nice and succinct. When I see the rest of the footage I can plot it out as the quality dictates.
Now how the hell did this happen? Whew.
So after the last entry, the following morning I see Randy, the owner of CD101. Kind of a preliminary meeting as I want to do a story about him and my old station. Sorry CD 92.9. I'll never get used to that (it's changed frequencies since I was there). I show him "The VR180 Revolution" and he immediately grabs Brian (the morning guy who I also worked with back in the 90s) and shows him the video. Brian flips out and wants to interview me and we get to talking. I mention filming sports, he says he knows the VP of the Columbus Clippers (Cleveland Indians farm team, shit Cleveland Guardians) and heps me set up a meeting for Wednesday. I show him the video and he then immediately grabs his promotions guy... we show him and they both stand up - walk me to a room and give me an all-access media pass for 6 freaking games as well as 6 tickets for that night for the family to see the game.
That night I end up shooting the game from THE FUCKING DUGOUT that features a BOTTOM OF THE 9TH GRAND SLAM to send it into extra innings. I THINK I nailed this footage. I think. Here, I took one pic on my phone from where I was...
I mean holy hell. As I said in the interview... if this footage is as good as I think it is? Absolute game changer. One major league club sees this and I will be in demand in a way I'm not even certain can be processed right now. I mean, 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th, down by 4... and you hit a GRAND SLAM!??!! Then win it in the 10th running on the field with a gatorade bath? WHAT THE FUCK? I could go to 100 games and never see that again. In fact I know for certain I've only ever seen highlights like that. AND FROM THE DUGOUT!! PLEASE LET THIS FOOTAGE TURNOUT.
THEN?!?! A CD101 Big Room! I mean 92.9! Goddamn. For a pretty well known band: Metric. Once again, if it turns out how I think it turned out? Fans of this band will be pissing themselves. Their label will be pissing themselves. This shit is GOLD. I was able to listen to the audio feed from the station's board and it's pretty perfect. Once again... something that could absolutely change the landscape for VR180. Of course there's been planned shoots of music videos... but live? Whew. That's a different beast. I think I nailed it.
And of course tomorrow? The fireworks. A friend lives close to the Upper Arlington ones which apparently are some of the best local fireworks around. If I'm close enough? This could be another game changer. Fireworks are INFAMOUSLY awful on video... but if I can get close enough that you need to turn your head at all? Or look up? Oh wow. Oh please... all of this has happened in a WEEK. The doors that "The VR180 Revolution" video just flung open are mind-numbing. I cannot believe it. Granted... I have better connections here... well honestly - I have friends at the Dodgers and in radio in LA... they just don't respond like they do in C-Bus. Well if I nailed these videos they certainly will soon.
OK. Wish me luck tomorrow in what will most likely be the last entry before I see this footage. I can't keep making place-holders if I have no idea about the quality of the shots.
PS - I just reread this entry. Reminds me of the Journey Volume 1 when all the Comedy Central shit happened... what an absolute honor to feel all this shit again.