7:35 PM, Saturday, June 25th, 2023:
Well the good thing is, I already know this footage is gonna be rough and no matter what I have to post it because it's just too special. The reason I know it's gonna be rough? Low light footage in tree covered scenes gets DESTROYED when you have to limit the bitrate. It's true even on something you'd stream on Netflix but your eyes aren't an inch from the screen so you don't notice. In VR? Oh it's noticeable. So we're all just gonna get what we get here...
...but holy shit we found the spot!!! I was really unsure if I'd be able to do it but I'm almost 100% sure we nailed it. We really haven't been back at this spot for 12 full years and I'm pretty amazed I remembered it considering my state of mind at the time. I looked at some of the raw footage and really think I nailed it. Here's hopin' it lines up when I get back to LA.
Of course... it's also just ridiculously fairy tale that the only time we've returned to that spot we return with 2 kids. And not like "ga-ga, goo-goo" kids but decade old actual people. They were obviously not as enamored as we were with the romanticism of it all... but at least they understood as they've seen the video their whole lives.
What an incredible life we've put together, no? I'm even used to it being so amazing and moments like this really just wallop you.
I am the luckiest...