12:01 AM, Saturday, June 25th, 2023:
The final single digit 1/2 birthday. Whew...
Dear Cam,
Maybe the biggest year over year change since I've been writing. I mean, I guess 2 and 3 is big but... well actually? No, this is a big one. And sadly... it didn't need to be.
At the end of March this year Mama and I decided to take you off all of your allergy meds because one of the side effects is aggression and although that rarely manifested physically... your outright anger at the slightest injustice was an issue. You weren't wrong about the injustice by any means, but maturtiy means knowing how to pick your battles, and every, fucking, molehill was a WAR for you. So for the entire month of April we removed all medication, and not only did your allergy symptoms not get worse (probably have a year of shots to thank for that), whether real or perceived, your moods changed when faced with situations that previously would've angered you to no end. It was as if you suddenly, almost overnight, grew up. Which, heartbreakingly means... you were this considerate mature little dude for far longer than we knew... and we were giving you medicine that triggered all this shit. As much as I realize that we didn't know that... that one is gonna sting for a bit.
Of course April went into May and now June and what else can I say? You're a different kid and again, it's not even like you weren't a blast to be around! It just made school so difficult for you. Dealing with bullies is hard enough, but dealing with them when any TINY perceived slight feels like a punch to your face? Goodness how hard that must've been. I am so sorry you went through this little man. But oh man how I cannot wait for you to start the 4th grade. You're gonna soar.
Whew. This was a heavy birthday letter. Didn't really think that was gonna happen. But here we are. I love you to death man. As I mentioned a year ago our bond is strengthening as you get older and it's an absolute joy to watch you come of age. Man I thought parenting was wonderful before but it keeps getting better. Our family trips have been AMAZING. I just adore our unit. We're so strong and supportive of each other and it makes it so wonderful to go out and take on adventures together.
So happy 9.5 man! Can't wait to show you the proposal spot tomorrow (I guess later today).