6:45 AM, Thursday, June 22nd, 2023:
Glad I could get this up and out before we left... although come to think of it the video is scheduled to release next week? I try to stagger the videos on YouTube to give them some breathing room. But hey, this part will be all connected while we're already in Ohio like GOTDAMN magic. ;-)
The Delorean personification question and those Egos lightning questions were AWESOME. She really had a creative approach to this interview as it was focusing more on, well, story-telling. I LOVE THAT. I love that an author has seen my stuff and can decipher the issues I had trying to put the docs together. It seems only another story teller can really feel that, ya know? There's so many other things to focus on but when I talk to an editor or another filmmaker (or in this case an author) they really see it from a different perspective. Good stuff. Talya and I actually watched this on date night while eating sushi. Pretty entertaining.
And hey, any Journey video I don't have to edit is a grand, AMAZING and wonderful Journey video. ;-)