1:55 PM, Monday, June 19th, 2023:
And finally to the last video... goodness. And we came home like 10 days ago. LOL
Man I cannot get over how interesting it is to walk around a city and look at shops in VR180. I would never, and I mean never, release a flat Journey video of walking and shopping. LMFAO. The idea of it actually makes me laugh. I think the difference is in VR180, I mean duh, you can move your head. So it's not just a static shot moving forward... you can choose to look to the right and left. You can choose to look at shops around you... items around you. It just feels like you're there. It's a pretty wonderful technology.
So there it is! 8 Costa Rica videos and now we're off to Ohio in 3 days. Goddamn I'm tired. This is an unending amount of work. But at least I completed Costa Rica before the onslaught in Ohio. We're there for 16 days, but I bet I only do 5 or 6 videos. I really need a break.
We'll see!