1:17 PM, Thursday, June 15th, 2023:
Ahh the final excursion. The package we had INCLUDED these excursions which meant you PAID for these excursions which meant it didn't matter that you were averaging one a day with no down time... you DID THAT SHIT. This will be the last trip we ever do that feels like this. I've actually never travelled like this and I gotta tell you - it's harder than it needs to be. No one looks at June 2009 on this website and thinks I didn't do much... but the difference is I got to do it at my own pace. It's so much nicer when you can settle into your digs and choose at your own leisure how adventurous everyone feels. And hell I felt that way when I was SOLO! We're 5 now. It's even more important to space it out. But the kids were damn troopers and this was a pretty relaxing little ride. I've nearly cut this whole video, so it's not really a "place holder" for me, it turned out nice...
So for what this camera is, I'm happy. It's still hard to spend this much time and money on something that looks low-quality because you can never zoom and you're forced to watch it SO CLOSE to the sceen so you see artifacting. I guess the more amazing thing is that in well lit, less detailed (and far closer) areas it looks so good. But yeah, the trees were rough and again - you know by SHADOW those were monkeys, but goodness it requires some imagination. A dude on Deo VR nailed a monkey in this same area from a boat that is UNREAL. "Shamans" film if you can find it. They probably saw that monkey and since it was a budgeted shoot they could tell the dude - go there and let us sit for a bit so it can come to us. And that fucker comes RIGHT up to that screen. So gorgeous. Someday there will be a budget...
...but for simply documenting the memories I'm thrilled. It feels like you're in the boat with us and it still feels magic.
Although the real magic hits for me in the next entry.