11:46 AM, Monday, July 12th, 2023:
Annnnd exhale. I've checked out most of the footage and most of it is pretty good. Biggest issue is compression artifacting in the forrests and, well, there's literally no solution to avoid that considering streaming bitrates. It's actually true of all streaming content (not just VR180) but because you're an inch from the screen? Even at 8k it's quite noticeable. I did a ton of tests to try to get rid of it and I'll certainly save the raw footage in case there's some future change in how we stream shit... but for now, it ain't up to my standards. Lots of it is awesome though.
I also now know the exact layout of all these videos. There will be 8 total, this is #5 and I'm desperately trying to get all of these done before we go back to Ohio in 10 days. Seems doable, but all sorts of life is happening right now. But today's entry is the place holder for traveling to Tamarindo and the utter shock at the view once we got there...
The crazy thing is? This hotel was $99 a night. What? Again, food and "stuff" is pretty goddamned expensive (and that's coming from someone in LA) but the hotels are wildly reasonable. I guess it all averages out come to think of it. The lure you in with the rates and then before you know it you've dropped $1000 in a few days. Hmmm... pretty smart actually. But yeah, Costa Rica (or at least where we've been) ain't the 3rd world economy we thought it was. Smart people. Found their niche...
Alright - time to start working! Wish me luck.