2:33 PM, Friday, June 9th, 2023:
We are home. Vienna and I have a pretty wicked outer ear infection most likely due to the dity ass hot springs...
...which seems like a WONDERFUL introduction to the Baldi Hot Springs video! LOL. Baldi Hot Springs were totally badass, but yeah - not sure if it was here or in Tamarindo where something wasn't super clean. No idea how any of these pools are kept clean as it certainly isn't chlorinated. I guess salt water? Who knows.
I also still haven't seen any of the footage as all I've been able to do is set-up the day one render. I'm breaking it up so I can at least PEAK at some shit tomorrow. <fingers crossed> Anyway - here's the video...
Which I'm fairly certain will have a BUTT thumbnail just to see if it has any affect on the viewcounts. Totally by accident. I was trying to go around this couple to get a shot of all the hot springs at this hotel and they went in front of me which meant I had to slow down on HER ASS as we went up the stairs. I just hoped no one saw me 'cause I felt like a total creeper... Then I thought "let me redo that..." and realized that it would make me look even MORE like a creeper if I kept going because it's not like there's ONE BUTT, it's just a lot of women in bikinis and my ass is just filming. Strange situation. But yeah, I'm gonna make that the thumbnail 'cause just MAYBE it'll trick people into subscribing to my channel and seeing some actual quality content. So fucking tired of the constant stream of "sexy girl" content. I've honestly never understood it. Either watch porn or don't watch porn. Cannot for the life of me understand why you'd watch twerking girls for 5 minutes.

ANYWAY. This place was amazing and their water slides were fucking CEMENT. And I have never been so battered in my life on a slide. I made Cam go down the easy slide multiple times to watch his form and made certain he held that form completely into the water before he attempted it. Then come to find out, at his weight? It's not that bad. It's my fat ass that turns it into an downright SHELLACKING. Talya tried it... Vienna said fuck that and stuck to the normal slides.
But yeah, cement!?!! DO they really not have plastic? Granted, it's smooth... but holy fuck. Fun though. Honestly felt relaxing even though it was an excursion to a differnt hotel for the day. Had a nice (but insanely expensive) buffet. Seriously everything in Costa Rica was more expensive than LA. It was bizarre. I think it's just where we were: isolated to the tourist traps. Rooms were cheaper than LA though. Interesting.
Alright, by the next entry I will have been able to review the footage. Excruciating wait.