4:36 PM, Sunday, June 4th, 2023:
Well we may have saved the trip by adding on a couple nights and changing our flights so everyone could just relax a bit. We've also done the final excursion marking one per day plus travel. Kids are whooped. But the change fees for the flights were minimal and the hotel is cheap so, whew. Get an extra 48 hours to decompress before we take anouther 5-6 hour van ride to the airport. Packed 3 weeks into 10 days man...
So wait, what will this entry be? Shit I guess just the raft/rum/chocolate day - BY FAR the best day. That was on, uhm, Thursday? I'm gonna probably tie-in "Float Downstream" to personalize the video a bit. Settled. That's what it will be. It will be posted here:
Dude there's gonna be like 10 Costa Rica videos at this rate. Jesus.
So yeah, bringing my rig on an inflatable raft was not for the faint of heart. But I had a water proof bag with me and at any moment I could just strip everything down and save it at the last second. Alas, it was pretty... well boring. I mean, boring for VR180. You can shoot distance stuff as long as there's SOME foreground. Like when I was hiking the volcano I tried to get some leaves or rocks in there for perspective. Then the 3D works. The raft however... man I just don't think it's gonna be very compelling... which is fine. Which is why the float downstream theme works where you really just listen to the sounds and slow-blink like you're napping. Yeah, that's the sign of a great film: asking the audience to close their eyes to enjoy it. LMFAO.
After the raft however, they gave us fucking RUM?!?!? Wow. And it was like moonshine. This shit was intense. Good burn... and of course these iguanas just walked right up to us trying to eat banana peels. The ones the dude on the raft pointed to on logs 100 feet away. LOL. Figures. But I think I got some amazing footge of that.
Then to top all THAT shit off they gave us chocolate? First some cacoa beans to munch on and then you put it IN the chocolate for this... orgasmic flavor? Yech, that sounds kinda gross... I assure you it was not.
Then before we got back to the hotel our guide bought us all lunch? This wasn't included... but in broken english dude says a NEW car will be taking us the rest of the way back to the hotel, so I think they scheduled some shit wrong and to make up for it bought us some lunch. It was perfect. I'm big into avoiding all the fancy shit in foreign cities and finding the real food and this was most certainly that. I pray it comes across in the shot I took.
So I believe up next for you will be the hanging bridges? However for me all I can think of is Apple's announcement tomorrow. Goddamn I hope that thing is amazing. Goddamn I hope it isn't THREE FUCKING THOUSAND DOLLARS. $2499 would be still too much for consumer-level but it would bode far better than $2999.

Either way - they're jumpin' in. It's the start of this WHOLE THING I've been doing since September.