10:32 AM, Sunday, May 28th 2023:
What a week.
Monday I showed the video to Jed - he dug it. Even helped him secure his own headset and tried my best to teach an old dog how to use VR so he could show the video to others. Still not sure if he can pull that off yet... kind of stunned at the learning curve for peeps in their 80s when it comes to new tech. He's a tough dude... he'll get it.
Tuesday had Jeff Doucette over... dude who helped me get Gedde Watanabe and George Wendt to do GolfKon stuff. He's always been kind and supportive and I needed him to actually SEE the Jed piece so he could understand the format and see if we can't get a few of his contacts to also let me sit them down and show them the tech. His biggest contact being Bill Burr which is honestly exactly what this needs: a dude who does plenty of podcasts, has a huge cult following (hell mainstream as fuck now) and could get more people talking about VR180. Seems like a pipe-dream, but so did Norm showing up at my backyard bar. Crazy. Then something kinda crazy happened...
...so Jeff and Jed are old friends. They hadn't seen each other in 30 years, so I take Jeff across the street to hang with him and Jed starts telling him the old stories... Jeff and I kind of laugh because Jed is basically redoing his short film without realizing it. Even takes him to the hallway and Jeff is like "Jed, I was literally just here a few minutes ago..." and Jed really couldn't process it. Then he goes and shows him the painting on the wall (exactly like the film) and again, Jeff is giggling. Basically, Jed had a set list of stories that he just repeats, which makes sense at 82 and is funny in and of itself... but Jeff's feeling of déjà vu had to be absolutely unreal. He had never been in Jed's house except for VR180 and then boom: he's there and Jed's doing the exact same thing. So bizarre.
After he left however, I knew what I had to do: I had to make one basic "sizzle reel" that I would show to anyone I'm trying to explain this to. From the people at the Dodgers, to Bill Burr, to any celebrity or even a real-estate company... basically just explaining the experience that is VR180 when done correctly. Hell, a video that EVERYONE can point to when asked about it. Forget just me, this has to be treated like a movement so we can leave 360 video in the dust and focus on what works best. Again, I do not understand why these sites like DeoVR keep hosting awful content to make it look like they have quantity. It KILLS the whole point. You have to curate or we all lose. Just follow the porn already! They get it... follow their lead like EVERY OTHER format they've lead the way in since VHS for crying out loud.
Anyway - it took quite awhile to produce this, but it's done... it's not perfect, but man you cannot watch these 6 minutes or so and not understand the possibilities. It may still be too early since headsets are still so cumbersome and we can only pray Apple has some sort of media viewing portion of their UI... but it's coming. And it will get here MUCH faster if we STOP SUPPORTING SHIT VIDEOS. Jesus already. A good video gets published and within hours a dozen 45 second videos of anime girls giving the peace sign knock it off the page. It's just awful. Sure, they don't have to curate every video but for the love of GOD the first thing people see when they start that app should ABSOLUTLEY BE the best stuff. I've all but given up on finding anything anymore.
Ooops... should link the video:
So bummed that most people see that flat. It's so cool in a headset. It feels like the old story of when they broadcast Magical Mystery Tour in black and white in the UK - LOL. Like what the hell's the point?
Anyway - I'm done for the month of May and next week we are off to Costa Rica and here's hoping it's another 5-video story that looks and feels different than everything else. I honest-to-goodness picked the greatest year to start pushing this format. I cannot believe how DIFFERENT all these videos have been. Simply from documenting life.
Good shit.