7:59 PM, Sunday, May 21st 2023:
The better these videos are, the more depressed I get.
I dealt with constant issues with the programs crashing, things not working, dozens of problems for days. I kept pushing, finally got it done, watched the final render (after 3 bad ones) and voila: it’s good. For what I had, I’m happy. But here’s the thing…
…standing in that hallway and hearing those stories while the pics and videos come up? It’s actual fucking magic. And it makes me so livid. No one is seeing this, I cannot get meta or even deo vr to spotlight this shit. I finally just made everything free because what’s $100 when no one is seeing it?
Add to that I even got in a fight with some dude on Deo VR (nearly my ONLY feedback) who didn’t understand why the Lloyd footage was such a big deal and I just should've interviewed him flat (like that was an option). It’s a big deal because it could be THIS video. No offense to Jed, who I love, but imagine if I followed Lloyd on that day. A day in the life of an appearance for Christopher Lloyd. Shot with the same intimacy. To his fans it would be priceless.
To his family it would be priceless. And that’s what I can’t seem to get across. People should be hiring companies to do this for every grandparent. For their kids! My goodness - spend a day with their 3 year olds? Priceless. This isn’t a video. You’re IN IT.
I feel insane. This is so much harder than I thought it would be. I’m used to being ignored, but I’m not used to having a feeling THIS intense when I watch what I’ve created. It’s like hitting a full court shot in an empty arena. You’re losing your shit and no one sees it.
Anyway here’s the video. Simply to keep the vlogging streak alive.
And now I’ll just keep working. Zero money, zero recognition, zero appreciation for what’s coming.
Oh and I should probably say some shit about the actual video, right Adam? Ugh.
So - yeah, it's awesome. It should be the freaking showcase for everyone I'm contacting to do these. It's all crickets because even if they HAVE the goddamned headsets... dude I'm already off-track. Let's try this again...
Jed's stories - good stuff. Left out like 90% of them. Not that I had them all, but this could easily be 100 minutes instead of 10 and I know that's going to be his reaction when he sees this. These 10 minutes took me a LONG ASS time and hopefully he understands that I can't just randomly produce a feature length documentary FOR HIM. But assuming he isn't, well, Jed about the whole thing... he should be thrilled. Showing it to him tomorrow. He even picked up a headset so he can follow all this. SEE META, IT'S A THING PEOPLE LIKE.
The hallway scene... I just keep coming back to him talking about The Incredible Hulk, Carrie and Harrison (jesus I can't beleive I just typed them like they aren't Princess Leia and fucking Indiana Jones) and of course the Pesci story... all with this video and pics showing up as he speaks. It's just magic. There's no other way to explain it man. Magic. The way you WANT to cement these stories. The way you want to spend time with your grandparents. And I really feel like I just need one big celebrity to agree, do a piece and then TALK about that piece. That would get the attention of not only the viewers but APPLE, META - or of course me making my own video app wth the dude I talked about earlier who kind of just disappeared. Back to the annoying side of this. I guess I have like 3 to 4 sentences in me before I start focusing on the problems I need to solve.
That's kinda just how I work.
PS - Last Saturday was cool, and this is slightly out of order to not do the SoFi stadium entry now, but I've been working on this Jed thing forever and had to nail that open for future ones... one of which WAS gonna be Jared, but I simply didn't get enough with him for a piece like this. I'll make 2 separate videos for SoFi. Hopefully this week before... COSTA RICA! Good shit.