8:08 AM, Thursday, May 11th 2023:
Well, this certainly helps my goal of establishing my "title" to a bigger audience...
So as I've said for about 24 years now, this is my safe space to be honest about everything that's going on... so I gotta just come out and say it: who the fuck are all those people. LMAO. I get that I'm not a draw because I have zero social media presence... the people that would actually want to meet me are certainly not people that would pay a bunch of money to go to this event. So I'm fortunate to be included, I spoke with Jared and am basically handing him THOUSANDS of dollars of free work for the opportunity as this VR180 video should be his goto to sell his events. ANYONE with a VR headset will adore this video and I think it will sell him some tickets. But right now? Since he's never seen VR180 and I have to sell the whole concept to people? I'm leveraging the Guinness record to even GET to give him the free work. LMAO. It's a mess, but that's what happens when you have no actual social media draw. I've always been one to put INORDINATE AMOUNTS OF WORK into the product and FUCK ALL into the marketing.
But now I'm trying to market and this could end up being some very valuable footage for not only Jared, but for me as I attempt to push VR180.
It also meant I had to take a talent shot for people who have no fucking clue who I am. So here was my idea...
The actual me doesn't want to post that video. The documentarian in me knows it's all I have and this moment is entry worthy. In fact more entry worthy to "The Journey" than a lot of entries this year. Being announced at SoFi stadium as the first and longest running VRlogger is a big deal. So you cement that in stone and unfortunately - this is the only correct video. LOL. The only reason it even IS a video is because I'm doing it by myself. Could Talya have helped? Sure. Why didn't I ask her? I was embarressed. LMAO. Actually it was more because I had no idea what I wanted and thought it would take a very long time to get the right shot. I barely combed my hair, grabbed the jacket so 'cause I couldn't find any shirts without writing on them and suddenly I'm a dude from the Walking Dead. I guess I have to wear that jacket at SoFi. Old man branding apparently. LMFAO.
Ridiculous. Anyway - Saturday is gonna be a good night.