11:59 AM, Monday, May 8th 2023:
The end of the San Fran Stories... ya know I just watched this in my headset and I'm glad I did. I was in a bummer mood because I feel like I'm throwing all of these videos away...
...and then I sit down and truly experience them the way they're supposed to be seen and goddamn - I'm there. I get it, it's life changing for me as a storyteller and it's just a matter of time before everyone else catches on.
I think.
Lemme post the video...
Even the shot when we're eating dinner... I get lost in it. I'm looking at the food, I'm looking at the hotel behind us... I'm hearing the conversation, taking it in when I want, then looking around... it's like I'M FUCKING AT DINNER WITH US. I honestly wish it wasn't me!!!! I think that's what fuels me - I WANT OTHER PEOPLE FILMING LIKE THIS! I'm just the only fucker doing it, so it follows my life. Thankfully it's quite all over the place and we're going to Costa Rica in a couple weeks and that should just be jaw-dropping.
This is legit, and what I announce in the next entry will also help. Nose to the grind stone... keep pushing.