11:21 AM, Friday, May 5th 2023:
I mean I've been at this for over 5 months. It makes sense that I'm this aggrivated. There's no community building ability. I think that's the killer. If I had a way to grow a community, hell Meta if I could even SEE my subscriber number or if my subscribers had a BUTTON TO SEE who they're subscribed to I could get some sense of progress. I have nothing but raw view counts and although for VR, several thousand is nice, it's meaningless without deeper metrics. Like - this should be a "holy shit this will blow people away" moment. This should be highlighted on Meta's home page. Same with Deo VR who I'm just going to have to GIVE THIS AWAY to (Deo VR actually does give you some pennies per time spent watching) because it needs to be seen. This will beget the same types of videos from OTHER creators. Lemme just post the video here...
I mean I think I made myself pretty clear in the video - LOL. The reason is simple... I get home, I grade and render the footage and watch that moment and it's... it's amazing. I want to see video like that of EVERYONE. Every event. Sports. Press conferences. Courtside, etc. Let's go. I mean jesus we're doing Costa Rica in a couple weeks... I'm doing SO MUCH in these first 50 videos it is SO MUCH WORK... and I have no way to harness it and get people excited. Excruciating.
However, back to what happened. Yeah that was ballsy and pretty fun. Chris's little giggle after "Alright..." was very cool. Hearing it in your left ear in VR is almost unnerving though. Man you can make some cool creepy videos in this format. I'll eventually do a proof-of-concept video like that. Life takes a lot of work though... may have to jump back to 2D for a few months after this stretch to actually produce a film like that.
So yeah - great little video, wish I could get some feedback. Still tired from COVID but getting better. Oh and I hope Mr. Lloyd is ok. Fuckin' hell.