8:33 AM, Wednesday, May 3rd 2023:
BTW - quick COVID update - kicking Talya's ass pretty good... I seem to be OK in the morning until about 12:30-1pmish and then I'm sloshy and almost drugged feeling. Totally bizarre. So for my productive ass it means getting up as early as possible and pushing it until that moment. Granted "pushing" just means MENTALLY as I'm in edit mode right now, but this shit is some mental gymnastics for sure.
And I'm not sure if I've mentioned it but I'm editing in VR so it's a lot on the noggin' to process. I hit mid-day and my ass is DONE. Anyway - fisherman's wharf and the return trip back on the cable car. Sadly no VALERIE this time. LMAO.
Man I was in such a shitty mood last entry I didn't mention the "HANG ON VALERIE" part. Goddamn that dude made that video. Wish I could show him the result.
Alright - I've delayed the surprise long enough (for those who never read these entries and truly don't know what the surprise is)... Christopher Lloyd up next! And my goodness what a moment in VR180 history.