12:07 PM, Tuesday, May 2nd 2023:
The roller coaster of emotions with VR180 is so exhausting.

It was initially comforting to be back in the place of "pioneer doin' shit that will be the future but there's so many barriers to entry now that it will take time"... but as the months have progressed and I've proven to myself what is possible? It's almost painful and I feel like I'm completely wasting my time. In the late 90s turn of the century the time commitment was quite minimal. Shit the entirety of videos in 2000 was like 30 minutes. Granted having 30 minutes of video online was a ridiculous achievement but it still wasn't THAT crazy. It sure as fuck wasn't this.
And the crazy thing? The issue isn't even the money or lack thereof... it's the utter lack of FEEDBACK. The complete lack of communication with the people that are watching this stuff. That's it!!! Maybe I make a facebook page and button EVERY VIDEO with it so we can get a community that can talk and give feedback on these videos since CLEARLY FUCKING META doesn't value that on the site itself. Deo VR has comments but you can't access them in your headset and what's the point, right? But maybe, just MAYBE if I can get a small group together that watches these videos we can get some dialogue going. Because the open shot of this video is utterly breathtaking. I'm in complete awe watching them turn that cable car around... it's a PERFECT shot and exactly why this medium is so special and I'm just gonna link it on a fucking web page from the 90s.
The crazy thing is it's only gonna get more annoying when I upload the Christopher Lloyd video in a couple days becuase THAT video... you could literally make a paid experience if done correctly. And the video proves it and will fly into the ether and never be talked about.
God. Fucking. Damnit. Why Meta... why...