7:45 PM, Monday, May 1st 2023:
Such a sign of the times that this elicits no reaction. 3 years ago this would've been terrifying... now it's just a confirmation of why you feel bad. I have COVID, believe I got it from Vienna who seemed a bit sick a week ago but we didn't test her because she recovered so quickly... and Talya is getting hit like I was this weekend, so she has it. Cam, of all people, is fine and we'd be hard pressed to tell if he's sick because he's always coughing due to some allergy or asthma or something. Oh what a sight we are. LOL.
My mind actually goes to Christopher Lloyd (oops, that was the secret from the last video) as I did do a photo-op with him and the following morning I felt my first symptom. His next public appearence is in Detroit mid-month so I'll probably feel anxious until I see he hasn't cancelled. Dude is every second of his mid 80s and I totally put my arm around that fucker while I unknowingly had COVID. Jesus.
Assuming I didn't just kill Doc Brown, the symptoms are pretty mild and it's almost a non-story. Run down, headache. Lost the sense of taste Sunday, still gone. Tired. What made me finally test however was this weird lightheadedness. Felt like I was high. Water sloshing around in the brain kind of feeling. Not the extreme fatigue of the infamous 2nd shot, but this weird... almost how people describe vertigo?
Anyway I was sitting watching the Philly game and figured I'd take a video for The Journey. Not sure this translates to 3D very well LOL. It also kind of spotlights the difficulty of having a new viewer-base of VR180 only people... sure it's all still The Journey, but for moments like this which are ABSOLUTELY WORTHY OF AN ENTRY... it makes no sense to make a VR180 video. At some point that will have to change, right? But back to the point...
...when Talya said "You're SUPER positive" she was alluding to what I said to Vienna when we took Cam's pregnancy test "Mama's SUPER pregnant" because the results came SO much faster than the wait-period. Incredibly? That was May of 2013. An entire decade just dropped. Not sure why that really hits me but it does... cool juxtaposition in the video...
Man that seems almost dystopian bad doesn't it? Like if we showed that to people ten years ago they'd be horrified. Wait, there's a pandemic? Everyone quarantines!? Millions die... you have home tests for the virus... what?!?! The 2010s are all joy and babies and the 2020s are all death and shit!?!?
With context, it's honestly just another Monday. Is that disillusionment? Maybe. Trump did a number on us. He fundamentally changed my understanding of the planet... and not for the better. Oh well... the last year has been pretty goddamned great so I'll focus on that...
...once I have the energy to focus. Hopefully SanFran Part 2 tomorrow.