9:33 AM, Sunday, April 30th 2023:
It would look so much "cleaner" on The Journey to not break these up between 2 months, but I'm low on entries this month and this is somehow gonna be a 5-parter. That's the weird thing about these VRlogs, I think of the more like "content" and what is a satisfying experience and I don't want to HIDE good experiences WITHIN a longer video. Like Part 2 and 3 will be riding the cable car to the Fisherman's Wharf and back... in normal video, that's one video. However, the EXPERIENCE of the cable car ride is so breathtaking that it absolutely is it's own video. And one you can't really edit like a normal film because people need to really RIDE that fucker. It's SO much cooler than a subway because you can look up at the buildings... it's just gorgeous. I mean gorgeous. So what would be a minute tops in a flat video becomes the entire thing...
...which means one trip is taking up 5 spots in The Journey which has been 2 a week for 24 years. LOL. So... it's a bit of a conflict. That being said - the videos are really special and deserve the spot. Which gets me to my next hair-ripping out moment: lack of support from Meta TV and Deo VR. Goddamn dude. Don't even care about money - just SPOTLIGHT THE GOOD SHIT MAN. Let me also say, I'm not even talking about the content of my videos - I'm talking literally about the production value. If you hate my voice, or find my shit boring, fine... but I will watch some pretty awful shit in VR180 if it's SHOT WELL - and goodness there is a MASSIVE lack of that because this shit is so expensive. But objectively? My shit looks really good. Because of ME? No, because of the equipment. Sure I've streamlined it enough to do it at a fast pace and solved some problems with a bit of know-how, but it's the $7000 camera set-up and $4000 computer straight-up. The only uniquity on my part is the sheer volume of video types I can produce thanks to my absolutely bizarre life.
ANYWAY - here's the load-in...
I just watched that flat... my goodness you all must think I've lost my mind. LOL. If you're not watching this in VR it seems so boring, looks SO bad... I really have just abandoned my user base forever haven't I.
Transitions are hard. I believe it will be worth it. I'm still terrified about The Official Journey Volume 3 though... what on earth do I do if no one has these glasses in 2030.