7:07 PM, Friday, April 28th 2023:
I am so GOTdamn excited about what I just shot in San Francisco, but I have to do my due diligence and get this video up that I've been working on for nearly two months. The Clean Room:
Crazy how much work I just cut down to less than 5 minutes. For context I shot about 40 minutes of 8K60 footage over 2 months to get those 5. But I do try to be efficient...
Anyway - up next all the framing and dry wall as well as an escape hatch on the roof because HOLY FUCK that will be cool. I'm just asking my kids to sneak out when they're teens aren't I? Good luck with that Cam... lol
Anyway - I should probably write more but I want to sink my teeth into these San Fran videos!!! Looks like we'll have 4 parts starting on Sunday.